InstallAnywhere is a leading installation development solution for application producers. It allows you to deliver consistent, professional multiplatform installations for physical, virtual and cloud environments. You can create reliable installations for on-premises platforms - Windows, Linux, Apple, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, and IBM. Take existing and new software products to a virtual and cloud infrastructure, and create Docker containers - all from a single InstallAnywhere project.

InstallAnywhere Features

  • Upgrades and Updates Simplified - You can easily update installations. Create installers that can use a combination of upgrade, maintenance, and instance management functionality. On a machine with multiple instances, choose which operation to perform for each one - upgrade existing versions or run maintenance to add/remove features.
  • Enhanced User Interface - Include an engaging and professional experience with InstallAnywhere’s fresh-looking modern user interface...


InstallAnywhere 2020
InstallAnywhere 2020
自动公证您的 macOS 应用程序。
InstallAnywhere 2018 SP1
InstallAnywhere 2018 SP1
InstallAnywhere 2018
InstallAnywhere 2018
用对 Java 9 的高级支持轻松创建强大的装置。

价格从: $ 6,445.61

User licensing One software license is required per user, per machine。 For example if you have 2 users each with 2 machines you will require 4 User Licenses。 In addition to the resources of their...


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Operating System for Deployment
  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Linux
  • Solaris
  • HP-UX
  • AIX
  • IBM i5/OS
  • FreeBSD