KeepTool Professional

KeepTool contains tools designed to streamline design, administration and program development. It includes functionality for viewing tables, writing queries, comparing databases and debugging PL/SQL code. KeepTool includes the following tools: Hora, Reverse DB, SQL Editor and DB Doc.

KeepTool Professional includes:

  • Hora
  • Reverse DB
  • SQL Editor
  • DB Doc

Hora - Offer both developers and administrators a wealth of ways to view and manipulate databases. Most Hora page layouts include an overview data grid, that displays the main object (i.e., tables) including its metadata. Subsequent detail tabs show subordinate objects such as table columns, constraints, indexes, triggers, and so on. Each data grid has a context menu that offers operations for maintaining the displayed object and...


KeepTool Professional 15.0.1
KeepTool Professional 15.0.1
添加对显示 Oracle 加密钱包的支持。
KeepTool Professional 15.0.0
KeepTool Professional 15.0.0
添加对 Oracle 21 和 Microsoft Windows 11 的支持。
KeepTool Professional 14.2.3
KeepTool Professional 14.2.3
将新的菜单项添加到 Schema | Policies(纲要 | 政策)页面。
KeepTool Professional 发布
KeepTool Professional 发布
直观的 Oracle 数据库工具。

价格从: $ 849.65

A workstation license is bound to your computer。 This type of license is always available, even if you are disconnected from the network。 A network license is bound to a license server within your...


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Oracle Compatibility
  • Oracle 7.3.4 to Oracle 21c