LEADTOOLS Streaming Module

The LEADTOOLS Streaming Module is perfect for developers who need to stream video or audio across the Internet or via intranet. This Multimedia module offers an unsurpassed multimedia experience at a toolkit level while at the same time reducing bandwidth requirements by taking advantage of LEAD´s video and audio codecs. With the LEADTOOLS Streaming Module you can stream multimedia files using a standard IIS web server or with Microsoft Media Server using LEAD's MMS Sink Filter. Create Smooth Streaming files and push them to an IIS Media Services server using LEAD’s SSF Writer.

LEADTOOLS Streaming Module allows developers to create a variety of client/server applications using several different configurations with options for different encryption methods, compression and more. For example, applications can be created where you have a single server sending audio/video to multiple clients, i.e. multicast or web cast for Web broadcasting. Additionally, security/surveillance applications can be created where you have multiple capture points sending video to a single source...


LEADTOOLS Streaming Module V20(2018年12月更新版)
LEADTOOLS Streaming Module V20(2018年12月更新版)
扩展了对 MP4、MKV 和 RTSP 的编码器支持,加快了向客户端传输音频和视频数据的速度。
LEADTOOLS Streaming Module v19
LEADTOOLS Streaming Module v19
添加 RTSP、ONVIF 和 UDP 实时流媒体的编程创建。
LEAD Celebrates Twenty-five Years of Imaging Excellence
LEAD Celebrates Twenty-five Years of Imaging Excellence
Charlotte based company reaches significant milestone.

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