MS SQL Migration Toolkit

MS SQL Migration Toolkit is a software pack to convert any data source to Microsoft SQL Server or SQL Azure and vice versa. The product has high performance because it does not use ODBC or any other middleware software. Command line support allows to script, automate and schedule the conversion.

These converters have saved me many hours of work and have converted millions of records of data flawlessly. The quality far exceeds the price.

Robert Lyons

MS SQL Migration Toolkit includes the following tools:

  • Access-to-MSSQL migrates Microsoft Access databases to SQL Serveror Azure SQL. All versions of Microsoft Access (includingMS Access 2016) are supported. The program can processMS Access databases protected with password or user-levelsecurity.
  • DB2-to-MSSQL migrates IBM DB2 databases to SQL Server orAzure SQL. All versions of IBM DB2 are supported.
  • DBF-to-MSSQL migrates DBase/FoxPro/Clipper (*.dbf) databasesto MS SQL server or Azure SQL. All...


MS SQL Migration Toolkit v6.3
MS SQL Migration Toolkit v6.3
包括新的 DB2 到 MSSQL 工具,用来将 IBM DB2 数据库迁移到 Microsoft SQL Server 或 Azure SQL。
MS SQL Migration Toolkit 5.5
MS SQL Migration Toolkit 5.5
改进对 Microsoft Azure 的支持, 并在 mss2pgs 和 ora2mss 中添加对视图的支持。

价格从: $ 97.02

Basic Edition allows clients to install the software product on exactly one (1) computer system。 Client can store a backup copy of the software but cannot use two copies of the software at any one...


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