RayPack Studio

RayPack Studio includes powerful software solutions with a large number of features that automate and accelerate holistic packaging projects. RayPack Studio provides a set of software products and components for professional enterprise software packaging. Next to software packaging and virtualization, RayPack Studio considers all packaging-related tasks: conflict and compatibility checks of software applications and packages, software evaluation, and quality assurance. The perfectly matched software products allow to efficiently pass through the individual phases of a packaging process, at the same time accelerating your workflow up to 70%.

RayPack - Software Packaging and Virtualization

  • Reliable detection based on snapshots before and after installation of applications.
  • Creation of project files in various available formats for later editing (MSI, MSIX, MST and MSP).
  • Creation of virtual packages (App-V, ThinApp, XenApp & SWV).
  • Support of third-party projects and universal apps (APPX).
  • Creation of non-Windows projects (macOS).
  • Editing function for packaging projects allows clean and efficient editing of packages.
  • Converting and...


RayPack Studio 6.2
RayPack Studio 6.2
添加对 MSIX Core 的支持,并添加虚拟机上重新打包功能。
RayPack Studio 6.1
RayPack Studio 6.1
包括 RayFlow 6.0,以及对 ESXi 和 Hyper-V 上的 MSIX 和 Windows 10 以及虚拟包装工厂的支持。
RayPack Studio v6.0
RayPack Studio v6.0
添加对 MSIX 打包的本机支持,并提高虚拟机性能。
RayPack Studio 5.1
RayPack Studio 5.1
Raynet Packaging Suite 4.1
Raynet Packaging Suite 4.1
用于 RayFlow、RayPack、PackBench、RayQC 和 RayEval 的新功能、增强功能和修补程序。

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One software license is required per device/machine。 The license is perpetual however without a valid Maintenance you will not be entitled to the maintenance benefits。 Silver Maintenance Includes...

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  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Windows Server 2012
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Server 2008
  • Windows Vista