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GigaSoft ProEssentials is a set of charting components for both Windows client-side and server-side development. GigaSoft ProEssentials includeds WPF, WinForm, WebForm, ActiveX, VCL, and DLL interfaces for five components: Graph, Scientific Graph, 3D Scientific Graph, Polar, and Pie Chart objects. GigaSoft ProEssentials comes with everything you need in one package to develop with Visual Studio. NET, VB6, VC6, ASP, ASP.NET, Delphi, C++Builder, and others, in a variety of interfaces best suited for your needs.

ProEssentials comes in two variations: Pro and Standard. All versions come complete with the same quantity of features and interfaces.

  • Pro Version is unlimited
  • Standard version is limited to 8000 data points and 800 annotations. This limit is per instance of a control. You can have multiple controls running and each with the limitation. For example, 8000 data points could represent a 3D surface plot with 88 rows by 88 columns producing 7744 polygons. Or, a Scientific Graph can have 4 axes, with one subset per axis, each axis plotting 2000 points for a total of 8000 data points. The (number of Subsets) times (number of Points per subset) must be less than or equal to 8000 .

ProEssentials is compatible with Microsoft Visual Studio.NET, Visual Studio 6.0, and Delphi/C++ Builder. It provides developers mission critical charting and data visualization features within a simple to use property based interface.

ProEssentials is a combination of five components and five interfaces delivering you over 1200 features for each of following interfaces: .NET (WinForm), ASP.NET (WebForm), ActiveX, DLL, and VCL.

Combined with this large quantity of features, the product maximizes speed while maintaining high visual quality (for example, no overlapping text.)

Electronic documentation is available locally on your development system. Walk-Throughs get you started in areas of WinForm development, WebForm development, VB6 ActiveX development, ASP ActiveX development, Win32 DLL development, and VCL Delphi development. There are plenty of examples showing how features are used in conjunction to produce highly interactive and quality data visualization.

All interfaces are included (WinForm, WebForm, ActiveX, DLL, and VCL) make ProEssentials ideal to standardize within your large company. Multiple teams have the freedom to choose their favorite interface while all teams rely on a similar and high quality charting codebase.

Unlimited Royalty Free distribution of your client-side EXEs. Server-side deployment allows placement on one production server, one test server, and one development server.