RemObjects C#

RemObjects C# takes the C# programming language you already know and brings it to the worlds of native Java, Android, Mac and iOS development. RemObjects C# lets you target all platforms truly natively. Whether you are developing for iOS, the Mac, Android, Windows or Windows Phone – you will be working directly with each platform's native APIs and frameworks, and using the platform's native UI widgets. No unnecessary abstractions, and no lowest-common-denominator UI.

The RemObjects C# Frameworks
One of the tenets of RemObjects C# is that it does not abstract away the different runtime environments it supports, but instead embraces each platform, according to RemObjects' philosophy on native development. The result is a development experience that is virtually identical on the language level, but provides full access to the capabilities of each underlying framework and generates truly native applications on each of the platforms.

.NET and Mono
On .NET (and...


RemObjects Elements
RemObjects Elements
添加对 Microsoft .NET Core 3.0、ASP.NET Core 和 Razor 的支持。
RemObjects C# v10.0
RemObjects C# v10.0
RemObjects C# released
RemObjects C# released
Native C# for iOS, Android, Mac, Java and .NET.

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