SharePoint Item Audit Log

SharePoint Item Audit Log is a simple and powerful audit report to present library or document usage, modifications, popularity, etc. After translating the events into simple terms, Item Audit Log makes the content of the audit clearer and more readable for administrators. Using the Item Audit Log you can monitor events in real-time; sort, filter, and manipulate the data in audit to analyze the activity of a library or document, and make decisions for compliance or record management.

View audit logs at item or document level
Enable users view audit logs of an item or document.

View audit logs at list or library level
Allow users access audit logs at list or library level.

Export audit logs
Enable users to export audit logs to Excel for further analysis.

Filter audit details
Users can define filters to easily and quickly find events.

Easy to view audit
Item Audit Log provides a clear and intuitive interface to make events more readable.


SharePoint Item Audit Log 2.9.1.x
SharePoint Item Audit Log 2.9.1.x
添加对 Microsoft SharePoint 2019 的支持。

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