SharePoint List Advanced Filter 关于

使用多个 Sharepoint 字段作为筛选 SharePoint 列表中任何信息的条件。

SharePoint List Advanced Filter lets users retrieve the right information with multi-value filters from a SharePoint list or library. Users have the option to create powerful and smart filter criteria by columns, comparisons, and logic operators (AND, OR), which can simplify a large list to only the items meeting a strict criteria. SharePoint List Advanced Filter reduces an administrator’s workload by allowing users to set up individual configurations and unique filter panels.

Filter using multiple values
SharePoint List Advanced Filter allows end users to set up complex and multi-field filters to focus on specific information in a SharePoint list or document library.

Filter any SharePoint column
End users can filter any SharePoint column that is available in any SharePoint list or library, including Text, Choice, Number, Lookup, Date and Time, People or Group etc.

Easy to fill values for the filter
Detect column types and provide corresponding UI elements for end users to enter values easily.

Filter by complex comparison operators
SharePoint List Advanced Filter provides more comparison criteria to compare values, which enables end users to search for exact results in a list, including searching by periods or moments of time.

Reduce IT Administrator workload
SharePoint List Advanced Filter enables each end user to set up their own filters to search for items, which can reduce an IT Administrator's workload.

Key Benefits:

  • Filter by multiple values
  • Filter by date or value range
  • Filter by many column types (text, number, date, choice, lookup, user or group, etc.)
  • Build and customize filters for each user
  • Provide matching controls for different column types
  • Chain conditions together using "AND" or "OR"
  • Save filter conditions