SharePoint List Collection

The SharePoint List Collection web part can combine lists from different SharePoint sites into one single view. In the view, you can work with the data and then export it to a spreadsheet. To create a SharePoint List Collection Web Part, firstly, you should select a site, a list in the site and a list view of the list. Then choose list columns to collect data, select or input new column names for original ones so these columns will be aggregated and displayed in the SharePoint List Collection Web Part. Repeating above actions, you can get SharePoint combined lists.

SharePoint List Collection

  • Collect SharePoint lists/items from different sites to display in a single data view Web Part;
  • Create Standard View, Calendar View, and Gantt View in List Collection Web Part;
  • Create and manipulate items as operating in SharePoint List View Web Part;
  • Filter and sort items according to header of columns as operating in List View Web Part;
  • Support filtering by other filter provider web part;
  • Export data to MS Excel file;
  • Display or hide SharePoint list items in Calendar...


SharePoint List Collection v3.10.0.429
SharePoint List Collection v3.10.0.429
May 4, 2022新版本
添加对 Microsoft SharePoint Server 订阅版本的支持。
SharePoint List Collection v3.9.3.915
SharePoint List Collection v3.9.3.915
September 21, 2021新版本
将新阴影线样式添加到 List Collection Web Part。
SharePoint List Collection v3.8
SharePoint List Collection v3.8
October 16, 2019新版本
添加对 Microsoft SharePoint 2019 的支持。
SharePoint List Collection released
SharePoint List Collection released
May 6, 2011新闻发布
Congregate lists from different SharePoint sites into one single view.

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Compatible with:
  • Microsoft SharePoint Server Subscription Edition
  • Microsoft SharePoint 2019
  • Microsoft SharePoint 2016
  • Microsoft SharePoint 2013