SharePoint Lookup Tracker 关于

查找与 Sharepoint 列表中项目相关的所有信息。

SharePoint Lookup Tracker provides an overview page to list all information related to an item. A "Related Information" link displays all connected information on the item.

Lookup Tracker can search all items related to the specific item and display them categorized by lists.

Lookup Tracker is easy to use.
Once Lookup Tracker is installed, the shortcut directing to the related information page will be added on the item edit menu as well as the item display-form toolbar. SharePoint Lookup Tracker is a lightweight but very useful tool for your SharePoint.

Feature List

  • A "Related Information" link on Context Menu of SharePoint item leading to an overview page displaying all connected information on the item
  • Display all items from which one item looks up informationnotifications
  • Display all items which look up information from this item
  • Compatible with Cascaded Lookup and Cross-Site Lookup