SQLBackupAndFTP 新版本发表

Released: Apr 24, 2024

12.7.23 中的更新


  • Updated selecting a folder with MySQL binary files.

Released: Apr 4, 2024

12.7.22 中的更新


  • Updated Google Drive destination with 'drive.file' scope.
  • Updated MySQL binary files for versions: 8.0.36 and 8.2.0.

Released: Mar 5, 2024

12.7.21 中的更新


  • Memory leaks in API requests.

Released: Jul 18, 2023

12.7.17 中的更新


  • Added 'Drop with force' command support for Postgres 13 and higher.


  • Excluded deleted MySQL DBs from backup binlog list.
  • Allowed '[' and ']' in MS SQL DB names.
  • Fixed AWS S3 bucket creation in default region.
  • Restored MySQL DBs on Amazon Aurora.
  • Created folder paths on OneDrive and OD4B destinations.

Released: Apr 5, 2023

12.7.14 中的更新


  • Added 'Encrypt' Microsoft SQL Server connection option.
  • Updated Amazon S3 regions.

Released: Feb 24, 2023

12.7.12 中的更新


  • Added the option to connect to Microsoft SQL Server using "Trust Server Certificate".
  • Added app protection with user passwords.
  • Improved upload speed to Microsoft Azure Blob Storage destination.

Released: Dec 9, 2022

12.7.10 中的更新


  • Added support for TLS 1.3.
  • Added support for PostgreSQL 15.


  • Validate MariaDB database schema changes during an Incremental backup.
  • Restore MariaDB incremental backups.

Released: Oct 4, 2022

12.7.3 中的更新


  • Improved authorization when storing backups on Google Drive.

Released: Sep 6, 2022

12.7.1 中的更新


  • Added support for MySQL incremental backup/restore.
  • Updated MySQL binaries to version 8.0.28 and PostgreSQL binaries to version 14.2.


  • Fixed restoring from MySQL bin log without @@session.

Released: Jan 25, 2022

12.6.13 中的更新


  • Added CLI --connect command to reset installation or enter a license key.
  • Added "Days of month" option in schedule settings for a job.
  • Added "Send a notification if this job runs for more than N minutes" option in email notification settings for a job.
  • Updated job's log auto-scrolling.
  • Updated validating destinations with OAuth token.
  • Added the ability to show offline or snapshot database status for a job with Microsoft SQL Server local connection.
  • Added the ability to skip backing up...