SQL Comparison Toolset

SQL Comparison Toolset provides a comfortable, automated way to compare schema and data, generate SQL scripts for synchronization, and deploy these SQL scripts to propagate databases. Compare and synchronize schemas and data between two databases of the same or different versions and editions. Simplify change management for databases. Compare databases with the finest level of detail. SQL Comparison Toolset bundles two helpful tools (SQL Schema Compare and SQL Data Compare) to bring one powerful comparison toolset: SQL Schema Compare compares and synchronizes schemas across instances and versions of SQL Server and Oracle Database and SQL Data Compare compares and synchronizes tables across instances and versions of SQL Server and Oracle Database

Quickly Compare Databases with Robust Comparison Engine
Compare extensive schemas and data between two databases fast while tightly controlling resource utilization with the comparison engine. The comparison engine is robust, highly efficient, easily configurable, and scalable. Synchronize without any technical limitations in the size of the databases.

View Comparison Results
Display a side-by-side, summary of the color-coded results of the comparison to pinpoint at-a-glance similarities and...


SQL Comparison Toolset v10.0
SQL Comparison Toolset v10.0
SQL Comparison Toolset v9.0
SQL Comparison Toolset v9.0
包括新的数据比较命令行向导以及对 Oracle 18c 和 19c 数据库的支持。
SQL Comparison Toolset V7.1.7
SQL Comparison Toolset V7.1.7
包括对 IDERA SQL 数据比较的修复。
SQL Comparison Toolset V7.1.5
SQL Comparison Toolset V7.1.5
改进了向 Microsoft excel 的数据导出。
SQL Comparison Toolset V7.0
SQL Comparison Toolset V7.0
现在包含了对 SQL Server 2016 以及新的架构和数据比较选项的支持。
SQL Comparison Toolset V5.0 released
SQL Comparison Toolset V5.0 released
Adds Microsoft Azure v11 and v12 support.

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One software license is required per user。 Maintenance: Maintenance includes access to email support and includes product updates for the defined period of the agreement。 Maintenance may be renewed...


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