Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX 新版本发表

Released: Jan 31, 2024

2024 Q1 中的更新


  • Highlight
    • Added a new Chip component.
    • Added a new ChipList component.
    • Added support for embedding file streams with PdfProcessing library.
  • Editor
    • Flash FLV format is no longer supported.
  • PdfProcessing
    • Exposed the IsBold property of FontBase.
    • Added support for embedding ZUGFeRD invoices.
    • Introduced support for embedding file streams.
  • TreeList
    • The dom event is now available in the click and double click event arguments.
  • WordsProcessing
    • Introduced а mechanism to replicate the whole row when a...

Released: Oct 11, 2023

R3 2023 中的更新


  • Common
    • Added new Avatar control.
    • Added new VerticalLine chart type.
    • Added new VerticalArea chart type.
    • Made accessibility improvements in HtmlChart, Menu, Timeline and FormDecorator.
  • Menu
    • Improved Accessibility compliance of RadMenu.
  • HtmlChart
    • Added VerticalLine and VerticalArea chart types.
    • Added Background and border options for the labels.
    • Added Step and Skip properties for the axes gridlines.
    • Added MinSize and MaxSize properties for the BubbleSeries.
    • Accessibility improvement: Increased...

Released: Jul 19, 2023

R2 2023 SP1 中的更新


  • MultiSelect
    • Improved support for large datasets.
  • PdfProcessing
    • Added the ability to export the optional Signature's Filter property when exporting to a PDF file.
  • SpreadProcessing
    • Introduced support for charts in Microsoft .NET Standard.


  • DateTimePicker
    • Cannot read properties of null (reading focus) at Telerik.Web.UI.Calendar.Popup._raiseClosed.
  • Editor
    • Failed to execute createObjectURL on URL error when pasting an image from Word.
  • Gauge
    • Circular Gauge is repositioned when labels are...

Released: Jun 7, 2023

R2 2023 中的更新


  • Common
    • Added new Arc Gauge control.
    • Added new Circular Gauge control.
  • Gauge
    • Added appearance options for Gauge area like Back Color, Width and Height.
    • Added appearance options for Gauge area Border like Color, Width and DashType.
    • Added appearance options for Gauge area Margin like Top, Right, Bottom and Left.
    • Added the ability to control the Pointer Length of the Radial Gauge.
  • PdfProcessing
    • You can now handle invalid /NULL name encoding for Type1 and TrueType fonts.
    • Added an option to replace...

Released: Mar 23, 2023

R1 2023 SP2 中的更新


  • ComboBox
    • Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'get_wrapper') - ComboBox.

Released: Mar 15, 2023

R1 2023 SP1 中的更新


  • Common
    • End of support for Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5.
  • AutoCompleteBox
    • Added new 'SingleLineEntries' property which display entries in a single line.
  • PdfProcessing
    • Introduced handling for importing documents with invalid offsets of objects inside cross-reference tables or streams.
    • Introduced a setting that allows you to export images with or without compression.
    • Introduced handling mechanism for importing documents containing indirect objects with no 'endobj' keyword.
    • Added the ability to...

Released: Jan 18, 2023

R1 2023 中的更新



  • New Signature component.
  • Accessibility improvements.


  • Added support for auto-width functionality.


  • Introduced support for Encryption Algorithm 5 with AES-256.
  • Introduced Find API which allows the user to search for text in a PDF document.


  • Added 'ItemSelect' client-side event when using 'SearchContext'.


  • Added accessibility support for treeviews with enabled Checkboxes.


  • Introduced Table Of Contents (TOC) field.
  • Introduced Table...

Released: Nov 9, 2022

R3 2022 SP1 中的更新


  • PdfProcessing
    • Added support for embedding only a subset of characters used in the document, when registering CidType2Font using FontsRepository.
  • SpreadProcessing
    • Removed an obsolete Add method from SeriesCollectionOfT class. Use the other overrides instead.
  • WordsProcessing
    • Added the ability to preserve bin images on import/export.
    • Added support for SEQ Field.


  • Common
    • WCAG 2.1 AAA accessibility improvements in Grid, Scheduler, ComboBox, Input, Calendar, and other.
    • Bootstrap Lightweight...

Released: Sep 14, 2022

R3 2022 中的更新


  • Common
    • New FloatingActionButton component
    • WCAG 2.1 compliance for the suite
  • PdfProcessing
    • Optimized and reduced the exported document size when using the same font on more than one block.
  • SpreadProcessing
    • Introduced Print Titles, allowing for specific rows and columns to be repeated on every printed page.
  • SpreadStreamProcessing
    • Implemented workbook import.
  • WordsProcessing
    • DocxFormatProvider: Introduced support for importing images defined in AlternateContent tag.
    • Introduced support for title...

Released: Jun 22, 2022

R2 2022 SP1 中的更新


  • AutoCompleteBox
    • Improved WAI-ARIA support.
  • Calendar
    • Added aria-label attributes to week header 'TH' elements.
  • PdfProcessing
    • Added Signature flags support.
  • Wizard
    • Added enhanced WAI-ARIA Support.


  • Calendar
    • Table header text must not be empty error.
    • Elements of role none or presentation should be flagged error.
    • ARIA role should be appropriate for the element error.
    • Elements should not have tabindex greater than zero error.
  • CloudUpload
    • AzureProvider does not allow non-ASCII characters in the...