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将服务器端 ASP 文字处理控件添加到您的经典 ASP 应用程序。

TX Text Control ActiveX Server is a fully programmable word processing engine for ASP. It is not an editor like TX Text Control Professional, MS Word or Notepad, which lets the end-user type in text and apply formatting options via menus and dialog boxes. Instead, all processing is done from program code. Data from various sources (HTML forms, databases, Word files) can be combined to build documents that can be saved in a number of formats (PDF, DOCX, DOC, RTF, HTML, XML).

TX Text Control ActiveX Server can combine data from various sources (HTML forms, databases, Word files) to build documents that can be saved in a number of formats (PDF, DOC, RTF, HTML, XML). For example, an invoice from an online store can easily be created, combining data from a web user with data from a database. The resulting print-ready file can be sent to the web user who can save or print it.

Generate dynamic content such as quotes or invoices on-the-fly - Using TX Text Control ActiveX Server, a print-ready document can be generated on-the-fly using information from a set of databases and user data from a web browser. The resulting document can be displayed in the browser, saved to disk or sent by e-mail. As documents are generated on-the-fly, it is not physically stored on the server. This reduces redundancy and at the same time, gives users direct access to up-to-date, live information.

Create print-ready PDF files on a web server - Using Abobe's Portable Document Format (PDF), documents immediately becomes compatible to a wide range of end devices - from most PDAs to any desktop PCs.

Convert documents on demand into most word processing formats - TX Text Control ActiveX Server can be used to convert documents on a server into most popular word processing formats, including MS Word, XML, RTF, PDF or HTML.

Use information from databases for mail-merge applications on a server - Assemble documents from sources like a set of databases or physical files. The contents of database fields can be inserted at specified positions in a previously prepared template.

Programmatic word processing - All word processing functions normally available from menu items and dialog boxes can be applied from code. Options include find & replace, fonts, paragraph indents and alignment, inserting tables and images, and many more. Just as a piece of text is selected with the mouse, it can be selected from code, for instance to underline it or change its text color.

One TX Text Control ActiveX Server license is valid for one developer and one server. In addition, the ActiveX Server license includes one Enterprise client license for client-side development.

TX Text Control ActiveX Server is deployed as an automation server on Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS). Most properties and methods of the approved OCX interface are available in ASP / ASP.NET projects, making TX Text Control ideally suitable for web server applications