VectorDraw Web Library 许可

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One software license is required per server.
Runtime Royalty Free

VectorDraw Web Control Licensing
The VectorDraw Web control does not follow the same license scenario of VectorDraw's VDF (VectorDraw Developers Framework) product. You do not have to authorize the machine with any serial that you are going to use this library. Also there are no user license number for this product which means that the license you obtain can be used by several web developers. You will still see evaluation messages but this is solved by purchasing LicVal (server license) for each server that you are going to use it on.

There two options on getting this product

  • If you are not a VectorDraw Developers Framework subscriber then you will obtain the web control and also get the vdfCAD application which will enable you to create vds files. There are two options of support provided and also 1 year of upgrades. The user can choose from 10 support issues option and also unlimited support.
  • If you are a VectorDraw Developers Framework subscriber then the price of obtaining the web control is less. You will also get the vdfCAD application but you will also have the ability to call an export method through the VDF libvrary to export vds files. This will give you the ability to make this export method available in your application or create a service in a server to make the convertion. This is the main difference between these two options. VDF subscribers get the unlimited support option by default.