DevExtreme Complete Releases

Released: Oct 19, 2023

Updates in 23.1.6



  • DevExtreme DataGrid
    • Cancel property doesn't accept the Promise<boolean> type in the onRowUpdating, onRowInserting, and onRowRemoving event handlers.
    • Error occurs when using Tab while saving a promise.
    • Export button cannot be disabled through the 'toolbar|items|disabled' option.
    • FilterPanel - The dropdown of the editor for 'Is any of' and 'Is none of' is not shown if it is opened using the editor's field for the second time.
    • Lookup in FilterRow lists only the...

Released: Sep 4, 2023

Updates in 23.1.5



  • CreateDocument - Performance degradation occurs while sorting a large report by a nested calculated field.
  • Document Viewer - NullReferenceException exception occurs while using Cached Report Source Builder on Microsoft Azure.
  • Fetch API - OnServerError is not called for all erroneous response status codes.
  • Report Designer Analyzer - A false positive XRE023 when XRCrossTab parameters are used.
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Report Designer:
    • Impossible to bind a predefined report...

Released: Jul 21, 2023

Updates in 23.1.4



  • All Angular products
    • CachedReportSource with Skia - Unexpected implementation type while accessing XtraReport.Watermark.
    • Cannot export custom types when using the new Fetch function.
    • Document Viewer - NullReferenceException exception occurs while using Cached Report Source Builder on Microsoft Azure.
    • Export to PDF
      • Incorrect Unicode mapping for the Hiragino Kaku Gothic font.
      • Font Fallback - The StackOverFlow exception is thrown on exporting a report with certain symbols...

Released: Jun 14, 2023

Updates in 23.1


Main features

  • New Date Range Box component.
  • Header filter customization in Grid, TreeList, PivotGrid, Gantt.
  • Charts - Support for color gradients and patterns.
  • DevExtreme UI Templates - Scheduler view, user profile, login forms, Dark/Light switch.

New DateRangeBox Component

  • The DateRangeBox component for Angular, React, Vue, and jQuery allows you to select a date range. Features include:
    • Masked Input.
    • Popup and Calendar Customization.
    • Input Label and Styling Modes.
    • Value Mode.
    • Input...

Released: Apr 27, 2023

Updates in 22.2.6


  • DevExtreme Charts & Gauges
    • Chart generates a PDF document that does not fully adhere to PDF standards.
    • Gauge - Chart size decreases when the screen scale is 150% and the browser zoom is 90%.
  • DevExtreme DataGrid
    • DataGrid returns focus to the edited cell when navigating to the next cell using the mouse if showEditorAlways is true.
    • Resizing a column causes column misalignment.
    • A row is not updated if a disabled field is validated using AsyncRule.
    • All rows are selected when...

Released: Mar 30, 2023

Updates in 22.2.5


DevExtreme Charts & Gauges

  • Chart - A series is not rendered if aggregation is enabled and dataSource contains items with the same argument.

DevExtreme DataGrid

  • HTML JS - A custom command button's disabled function is not called when the Push API is used.
  • Angular - dxTemplate is not recognized if it is in a different component.
  • Cell values are not re-validated when they are changed via the 'editing.changes' option.
  • Columns have the incorrect width on the first render after...

Released: Jan 27, 2023

Updates in 22.2.4



  • All Angular products
    • Export to DOCX - "Can't finish story here" exception occurs after updating to DevExpress.Drawing.
    • Export to HTML - Watermark is covered by report controls.
    • NullReferenceException occurs on an attempt to open the Expression Editor in Microsoft Visual Studio after upgrading a Microsoft .NET Framework project to v22.2.
    • Report Analyzer - XRE081 is reported for XRCrossTab filtered by the Data Range parameter.
    • Typescript - globalConfig has a 'deprecated'...

Released: Dec 9, 2022

Updates in 22.2


UI Template Gallery

  • Extended the capabilities of the DevExtreme component library with a set of responsive UI templates. These ready-to-use UI “blocks” will allow you to focus efforts on application logic and minimize energy spent on app/UI design.

Data Visualization

  • Range Bar Chart - Minimum Bar Size - You can now use the new minBarSize property to specify minimum size for bars displayed in the Range Bar Charts.
  • Data Visualization Components - Adapt to Container Resize - The Chart...

Released: Oct 20, 2022

Updates in 22.1.6



  • DevExtreme Charts & Gauges
    • VectorMap does not trigger the document's click event and prevents SelectBox from being closed.
  • DevExtreme DataGrid
    • A hidden column takes part in keyboard navigation when columnHidingEnabled is enabled.
    • A nested DataGrid in another DataGrid has an incorrect pageSizeSelector appearance in compact mode.
    • A popup is not shown for a row if editRowKey is specified in popup edit mode.
    • Accessibility
      • Pager doesn't have the required ARIA...

Released: Sep 8, 2022

Updates in 22.1.5



  • All HTML JS products
    • DefaultOptions - The 'device' field is ignored if it is set to an array.
    • Web Site - Documentation - Version selector box disappears when an item is selected after search.
  • DevExtreme Charts & Gauges
    • Sparkline - The "that._incidentOccurred is not a function" error occurs if the valueField property is removed.
    • The type declaration of exportWidgets is incorrect.
  • DevExtreme DataGrid
    • A focused row is not visible if calculateSortValue returns an object...