Fiddler Everywhere Releases

Released: Jun 12, 2024

Updates in v5.11.1


  • App crashed after entering " in search field.
  • Issues with Advanced Replay options.
  • Fiddler proxy starts disconnecting when VPN is connected and you change hosts list.
  • Unable to capture HTTPS traffic to system proxy with network extension.

Released: Jun 6, 2024

Updates in v5.11.0


  • Added advanced replay options for single or multiple sessions, including the ability to reissue them either in sequence or in parallel.
  • Added a notification for successfully deleted ruleset.
  • Improved macOS upstream proxy support when using a PAC script or WPAD.
  • Added support for macOS upstream proxy set by a global policy.


  • Rules not working for gRPC sessions headers.
  • Small UI fixes for icon colors, search placeholders, and autocomplete suggestions.
  • Saving/Exporting...

Released: May 23, 2024

Updates in v5.10.0


  • Removed "Do not show again" option for unsaved changes prompt in Composer requests so the dialog will always be displayed.
  • Added a "Clear with Options" menu when clicking the Remove button in the sessions grid toolbar.


  • Improved Rules' list responsiveness when there are a lot of rules and groups added.
  • Slow resize or missing scrollbars in the Sessions grid in some cases.
  • Issues with searching in messages while inspecting streaming sessions like gRPC, WebSockets and...

Released: May 10, 2024

Updates in v5.9.0


  • Added a search option for request and response body content when searching in sessions and streaming messages.
  • Added a new column in the sessions grid - "Session State", indicating whether the session is opened or closed.
  • Renamed "Protocol" session column to "Scheme". Added new "Protocol" session column with values to allow filtering streaming sessions.
  • Added support for automatic Zstandard (zstd) decryption of sessions using such compression.
  • Added a user prompt to disable video...

Released: Apr 18, 2024

Updates in v5.8.1


  • Small UI tweaks to the new application design.
  • The splash screen does not respect the application theme.
  • Application does not detect the system theme on some Linux distributions.
  • Query string Rules action does not offer autocomplete suggestions.
  • Application fails to display properly if an invalid theme is applied.
  • Updated third-party dependencies to mitigate security issues.

Released: Apr 11, 2024

Updates in v5.8.0


  • Introduced a new approach for active/inactive selections and focus state.
  • Updated application colors for light and dark theme and remove the light blue and dark blue themes.
  • Updated icons and style of the application.
  • Added more options in the grid for gRPC messages and SSE - Copy all and Quick search.


  • Updated third party dependencies to fix security issues.

Released: Mar 14, 2024

Updates in v5.7.1


  • gRPC capturing hangs when there is a call without request/response parameters.

Released: Mar 11, 2024

Updates in v5.7.0


  • Added the option to save a new snapshot from selected sessions of existing one.
  • Added the option to duplicate a snapshot.


  • Unable to capture HTTPS traffic on macOS Sonoma 14.4.
  • In some cases users can turn on both System Proxy and Network Capture.
  • null is shown in some cases in Composer Headers table.
  • Unable to apply filters on custom columns.
  • In rare occasions a race condition could lead to application not showing any traffic and breaking internet connectivity.

Released: Feb 29, 2024

Updates in v5.6.0


  • Create rules from captured CONNECT sessions.
  • Now shows a dialog to disable hardware video acceleration if there is a problem detected that prevents the app from displaying correctly.
  • Create a public Github repository where users can post issues with Fiddler Everywhere.


  • Client Cipher and TLS version missing in info in CONNECT session request body for some sessions.
  • gRPC automatic server reflection was not working in some cases.
  • Shared Composer collections cannot be...

Released: Feb 15, 2024

Updates in v5.5.0


  • Added Rule match condition to match all sessions.
  • Added 'reply with tunnel' Rule action to allow creating response Rules for websites that might not resolve with DNS.
  • Added paging to Overview inspector tabs when there are more than 100 selected sessions.
  • Added information about the client TLS version and cipher info in the request info for CONNECT sessions.
  • Added message decoding for gRPC inspectors with automatically downloaded or user-supplied protocol buffers files.
  • Added message...