wPDFControl was created to make it easy for programmers to add PDF support to their application. It is based on the popular PDF engine 'wPDF' which has been successful on the Delphi and C++Builder market since 2000. Until recently wPDF was not available for programming languages other than Delphi and C++Builder, but this has changed as the wPDFControl DLL can be used in many programming languages which support dynamic link libraries (DLL's).

wPDFControl comes with a DLL and an ActiveX (OCX) which serves to load the PDF engine DLL and provides an interface to it. The ActiveX (OCX) can be used in languages such as Visual Basic, where it is difficult to use the callback function required for the PDF engine.


  • While the PDF file is open you can create a new page with StartPage. The page has to be closed with EndPage. While a page is active you can use the HDC (Device handle) of the PDF engine tocreate the output
  • You can...

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wPDFControl V4.0 released
wPDFControl V4.0 released
June 13, 2014Veröffentlichung mit neuen Funktionen
New version supports Type3 font embedding and better support for Asian fonts.

Preise ab: $ 229.97

Standard Edition One software license is required per developer. This Edition can not be used for Internet based development. Internet Server Edition One software license is required per developer. If...

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cisa Italy5 Stern
wPDFControl is a good product for developers, it allows you to create a PDF file without using "ACROBAT Writer" (which is expensive and difficult to use). wPDFControl is very much faster. Luciano... Lesen Sie mehr

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