wpViewPDF allows you to view PDF data that can be loaded from memory, file or stream. wpViewPDF has been developed as a Windows Class which makes it compatible with most Windows based development systems. wpViewPDF can be used to quickly display and print PDF files which were created with wPDF, wPDFControl or wRTF2PDF or with another library. It is directly embedded into your application. It supports ANSI text extraction and text find and highlight functionality.

The PDF (Portable Document Format) has been become extremely important. Today it is expected that an application is not only able to print its output, but also export it directly to PDF.  With WPCubed's tools, based on the wPDF engine many applications nowadays create PDF output.

With WPViewPDF Standard you can also display PDFs in your Delphi and .NET based applications.

WPViewPDF makes it possible to create PDFs as universal print and preview documents which can be stored, sent by e-mail and...

Aktuelle Neuigkeiten

WPViewPDF 5.1.3
WPViewPDF 5.1.3
March 22, 2023Neue Version
Verbessert die Kennwortbehandlung für geschützte Dateien.
WPViewPDF 5.0.7
WPViewPDF 5.0.7
June 30, 2022Neue Version
Verbessert Anmerkungen, die Felddarstellung und Bearbeitung.
WPViewPDF 5.0.5
WPViewPDF 5.0.5
March 30, 2022Neue Version
Verbessert die AddPage-Funktion.
February 2, 2022Neue Version
Verbessert die MaxLen-Eigenschaft, um die Anzeige von Zeichen in gleichem Abstand zu ermöglichen.
WPViewPDF 5.0.4
WPViewPDF 5.0.4
December 14, 2021Neue Version
Verbessert das Laden und Speichern von AcroForm-Routinen.
WPViewPDF 5.0.2
WPViewPDF 5.0.2
November 25, 2021Neue Version
Integriert eine Funktion zum Löschen von PDF-Anhängen und verbessert die Bildunterstützung.

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