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MadCap Analyzer is an analytic tool for your Flare projects. It helps you find critical issues immediately, such as missing content or broken links, and non-critical technical issues such as unused style sheets or images that can be removed from projects. Create custom reports and share information with documentation teams and managers to identify issues, track progress and ensure quality and efficiency in your documentation.

MadCap Analyzer Features

MadCap Analyzer Will Scan Your Project to Identify Issues Including

  • Broken Links
  • Duplicate Styles in Style Sheets
  • Duplicate TOC Items
  • Broken Image Links
  • Broken Bookmarks
  • Undefined Variables, Condition Tags, File Tags and Conditions
  • Non-XML Topics

As Well As Used and Unused Items Including

  • Snippets
  • Topics
  • Styles
  • Variables
  • Map IDs
  • Images

Analyzer Will Improve Your Content Quality and Re-use by Identifying and Making Suggestions for Items

  • Index Keyword Suggestions
  • Snippet and Variable Suggestions
  • Style Suggestions
  • Accessibility Suggestions
  • Markup Suggestions and More

Identify Critical Issues
Immediately find critical issues within a project that impact end users.

Custom Reporting
Generate and convert a list of links in a project to cross-references using a new "Cross-Reference Suggestions" window pane.

Visualize Data
Share information with your team and visualize both critical and technical issues with your project, such as broken links or unused content, with charts and graphs to see any statistic at a glance.

Content Suggestions
Improve content structure and find suggestions for snippets, variables and file tags.

Save Time and Resources
Automate in minutes what would take weeks for a technical editor to identify and ensure content consistency, improve project efficiency and maximize content reuse.

Scan projects and ensure your documentation conforms to accessibility guidelines such as Section 508 and WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines).

Cross-Reference Suggestions Window Pane
Generate and convert a list links in a project can be converted to cross-references using a new "Cross-Reference Suggestions" window pane.

Named Destinations Window Pane
View, delete or rename named destinations in your project in the "Named Destinations" window pane. A named destination lets you point to a specific place in one generated and published PDF to another.

Fix Broken Links
Now fix links directly from the "Broken Links" window pane. Analyzer can scan the project for files of the same name or open a dialog and browse for the topic that you want to link.

Unused Windows Pane
Clean up projects by scanning for empty project folders, topics that are not linked, or any unused content or images. You can now add condition tags to items in these panes buy right-clicking and selecting properties.