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DEXTUploadX Características

Features of DEXTUploadX


  • Perfect multilingual support
    Supports Unicode file name and form data for perfect multilingual support.
  • Automatic selection function for language that is fit for user
    If basic language setting of user is English, Korean and Japanese, it displays all messages of it fit for each language. In case of languages except that, it displays messages in English automatically, so multilingual support is offered more easily.
  • Support encrypted transmission
    Useful when transmitting document that requires security by transmitting with AES (Advanced Encryption Standard- Rjindael) encryption.
  • Provide perfect API for GUI User
    Provide entire API required for transmission so user can directly create optimized transmission page on their website.
  • Very small file (.CAB) size optimized for internet environment
    For DEXTUploadX, the size of file (DEXTUploadX.Cab) to be received by the user is very small at around 346kb. Among them, 120KB is for users of Windows 98 so about 40% smaller files can be distributed according to circumstances.
  • Supports both Windows98/NT systems with one file (.CAB)
    One file distribution is possible regardless of Windows operating system versions, so version control is done easily.
  • Automated form data
    Recognizes data of all forms in web page automatically and transmits it.
  • Offers perfect HTTP uploading solution that is linked with server-side upload component
    DEXTUploadX and DEXTUpload Pro series comply with international standard, RFC1867. These two components altogether offer convenient and intuitive UI to user and, at the same time, offer perfect HTTP uploading solution to server so that it can deal with files uploaded by users.
  • Uploading folder structure
    When user adds folder, it uploads folder structure as it is like user added.(But, link with DEXTUpload Pro. series is required).
  • Downloading folder structure
    You can designate download path about each file to download, so you can download folder structure.
  • Drag and Drop support
    Supports Drag and Drop of file and folder.
  • Supports resume downloading function (Resume uploading function will be supported soon)
  • SSL and Proxy server support
  • Supports Windows Vista

Most of functions of this product are done through interaction with upload component on server side. Therefore, you can reliably use all functions when upload component such as DEXTUpload Professional is setup on server.