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DEXTUploadX Releases

October 26, 2011

Updates in V3.2

  • Supports image preview in FileUploadManager.
  • Supports tooltips in image preview.
  • Supports drag and drop to image preview.
  • Supports execute feature when you double-click the image on image preview.
  • Supports FileSize-Column Visible property in the ListView.
  • Supports FileName-Column Width property in the ListView.
  • Supports non-Header in ListViewReport mode.
  • Supports changing the title of Folder dialog and File dialog.
  • Supports downloading automatically after selecting download...
December 13, 2010

Updates in V3.0.4

  • Corrected the error in which values of checkbox and radio type were transmitted incorrectly when form-data was transmitted
September 17, 2010

Updates in V3.0.3

  • New event notifying it when DEXTUploadX object is created
  • Adds "ListViewSortStyle" and "ListViewFileStyle" property when used in modification mode of bulletin board
  • New functions for providing count, size and name of selected files in ListView
  • New function for setting up type of warning message caused by limiting properties when user will add files
  • New function for setting whether or not the exception event will occur when file-adding is limited by Filter or Rfilter property
April 14, 2010

Updates in V3.0

  • Support dynamic size change for ActiveX
  • Support setting up background images for ListView
  • Support sorting ListView by the column name
  • Support reception of HTTP status code responded from the server when downloading in push type