TeeChart.NET for Xamarin.iOS

TeeChart Charting functionality has been extended to the mobile platform, integrating into and offering Charts, Maps and Gauges for Android, Windows Phone 7 and iPhone/ iPad development environments. TeeChart for .NET (Xamarin compiler) Chart for iPhone and iPad uses the C# version derived from the TeeChart for .NET codebase. Built in Xamarin for iOS.

TeeChart mobile charting components offers the most common chart types, gauges and maps with customizable tools for data visualization in the mobile applications.

TeeChart.NET for Xamarin.iOS Feature Summary

  • 100% sourcecode available. The TeeChart for NET sourcecode version includes 100% native C# code used to build TeeChart for .NET assembly in MonoDevelop with Xamarin iOS (MonoTouch) license.
  • Mac iOS platform - iPhone and iPad devices - supported
  • 50 Chart styles (in 2D and 3D plus multiple...

Últimas Notícias

TeeChart.NET for Xamarin.iOS 2018
TeeChart.NET for Xamarin.iOS 2018
A versão de manutenção inclui correções de bugs.
TeeChart.NET Mono for iOS released
TeeChart.NET Mono for iOS released
Charts, Maps and Gauges for iPhone/ iPad development environments.

Preços a partir de: $ 332.22

Developer License: One software license is required per machine. Run-time royalty free. Includes 1 Year Subscription for minor and major updates and upgrades. Web Server License: A TeeChart Web Server...

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