Aspose.Words for Java 新版本发表

Released: Mar 16, 2024

V24.3 中的更新


  • Added new TIFF reader/writer.
  • Added the ability to read and write table row 'widthAfter' and 'widthBefore' specified in percent units.
  • Added support for the 'vert' OpenType feature.
  • Added feature to show/hide chart DataTables.
  • Added the ability to specify axis label font.
  • Added a feature to change the font size on an axis.
  • Added a feature to get/set chart elements font.
  • Added support for modifying font in existing chart.
  • You can now use Word 2013 rules for hyphenation between pages and...

Released: Feb 9, 2024

V24.2 中的更新


  • Introduced new public properties for enhanced style management.
  • Added the ability to specify SvgSaveOptions during rendering using ShapeRenderer.Save() and OfficeMathRenderer.Save() methods.
  • Improved functionality for retrieving the actual text of reference marks for footnotes and endnotes.
  • Extended DrawingML Chart API capabilities.
  • Added the ability to preserve empty lines while loading Markdown files.
  • Enabled compatibility with Microsoft Word 2016 charts for LINQ Reporting Engine.
  • Added the...

Released: Dec 29, 2023

V24.1 中的更新


  • Added support for SVG 2 color syntax.
  • Added a feature to remove DRM (digital rights management) from Kindle books.
  • Added the ability to set values of OLE controls.
  • LINQ Reporting Engine - Added a way to forbid usage of members for a configurable set of types in template expressions.
  • LINQ Reporting Engine - Provided a way to restrict access to members of certain types within templates.
  • Implemented 'Bibliography Sources' public API.
  • Added new ChartLegend.Font property.
  • Added the ability to...

Released: Dec 9, 2023

V23.12 中的更新


  • Added the ability to specify the page layout to be used when a document is opened in a PDF reader.
  • Added support for WebP images.
  • Added support for the 'dollarText' number format to the LINQ Reporting Engine.
  • Added 'CompareMoves' setting to 'CompareOptions'.
  • Updated Bouncy Castle library.


  • Lines of Japanese text are wrapped incorrectly during DOCX to PDF conversion.
  • Content is moved to previous page upon rendering.
  • Table layout is wrong after rendering.
  • HTML to PDF conversion issue with...

Released: Nov 14, 2023

V23.11 中的更新


  • Added support for TomEE 9 and Jakarta APIs.
  • Added new 'WordOpenXmlMinimal' property to 'StructuredDocumentTagRangeStart' class.
  • Added a 'MergeDocuments' feature.
  • Added new 'ChartLegend.Font' property which allows you to set the default font for legend entries.
  • Implemented smart indentation for non-list paragraphs based on 'LeftIndent' attribute.


  • Reporting Engine value evaluation fails when underlaying MemberBinder type is interface.
  • IllegalStateException in ReportingEngine.
  • List items in...

Released: Oct 19, 2023

V23.10 中的更新


  • Implemented various PDF rendering optimizations to reduce output size.
  • Added the ability to retrieve foreground color without modifiers in the Fill and Stroke classes.
  • Added a simplified method for inserting one document inside another at the current cursor position.
  • Added new ImageData.FitImageToShape() method.
  • Access and modify the Locked Style property.
  • Recognize hyperlinks when loading TXT documents.
  • Added the ability to get the grid span of a cell.
  • Load images using relative path...

Released: Sep 14, 2023

V23.9 中的更新


  • You can now read 'styleId' values.
  • Added support for 'MarkdownSaveOptions.ImagesFolderAlias'.
  • Added the ability to set chart axis titles.
  • Improved 'MetafileRenderingOptions' properties related to metafile size during page emulation.
  • Specify a font's vertical position on a line.


  • StringIndexOutOfBoundsException is thrown when load MHTML from stream.
  • FileCorruptedException is thrown upon loading EPUB document.
  • Bookmark end position is changed after comparing documents.
  • Acrobat Chrome...

Released: Aug 14, 2023

V23.8 中的更新


  • Added support for 'CITATION' and 'BIBLIOGRAPHY' fields.
  • Added functionality to automatically generate a Table of Contents (TOC) for MOBI documents.
  • Added a new public property to specify the size of rendered images in pixels.
  • Added shaping of vertical text in EMF metafiles.
  • Added an option in the LINQ Reporting Engine to preserve white-space for JSON string values.
  • Enabled the new table grid re-calculation logic for formats other than DOC/DOCX.
  • Now provides PdfEncryptionDetails constructor...

Released: Jul 13, 2023

V23.7 中的更新


  • Added the ability to save document page or shapes to EPS format.
  • Retrieve digital signature value from a digitally signed document as a byte array.
  • Row and Cell classes have been extended with new public members.
  • Mustache tags are now supported in 'MailMerge.GetRegionsHierarchy' and 'MailMerge.GetFieldNamesForRegion' methods.
  • LINQ Reporting Engine template syntax now supports 'ElementAt' and 'ElementAtOrDefault' extension methods.
  • You can now preserve table column width in a landscape section...

Released: Jun 16, 2023

V23.6 中的更新


  • Added the ability to save documents as XLSX files.
  • Added support for advanced typography in WMF, EMF and EMF+ rendering.
  • Added a new way of dynamically inserting HTML.
  • Added a feature to update chart x-axis data.
  • Added the ability to set fill, stroke and callout formatting for chart data labels.
  • Added a new 'PageInfo' property which indicates whether a page is colored or not.
  • Added support for table column data bands and conditional blocks.
  • Added new low code methods intended to merge a...