ASPxTreeList is a feature-complete treeview-grid control for Visual Studio. ASPxTreeList is a multi-purpose data visualization system that can display information as a tree, a grid, or a combination of both - in either data bound or unbound mode. This synergy between a traditional grid and a traditional treeview allows you to create cutting-edge and visually appealing web application interfaces for your end-users with ease. ASPxTreeList fully exploits existing DevExpress appearance and data management technologies for ASP.NET. ASPxTreeList includes features such as on-demand loading of individual nodes and callback support ensure that the solutions you build are both elegant and effective. In the implementation, the control never needs to transmit the entire tree structure when being updated. ASPxTreeList is smart enough to determine which portion of the tree to be renewed and only requests a few records from the server, making user interaction extremely fast. ASPxTreeList Subscription Licenses with Source Code available.

Four data access options - To ensure that your data can be easily displayed within the ASPxTreeList, it provides the following data binding options:

  • Unbound Mode - You can build the desired tree structure in code using specially designed methods.
  • Dynamic Node Loading - At your option, you can populate only root-level nodes within the tree. Attempts to expand parent nodes with children will raise an event wherein you can specify the child nodes to be displayed. This approach offers significant...


ASPxTreeList improves rendering
ASPxTreeList improves rendering
Version 2011 adds consistent rendering for default Web page Doctypes.
DevExpress products now support VS2010
DevExpress products now support VS2010
All DevExpress .NET products now available with full support for Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework Client Profile.
One software license is required per developer。 You may install the product on more than one machine as long as each developer has their own license。 This allows you to install it on your work, home...


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