Oxygen XML Developer Professional 新版本发表

Released: Dec 16, 2021

V24.0 Build ID: 2021121318 中的更新


  • Security: Updated the Apache Log4j 2 library to version 2.16.


  • DITA/Transformation: Fixed a problem that caused MathML equations to not be rendered in the PDF, when using the "PDF - based on XSL-FO" transformation.

Released: Dec 13, 2021

V24.0 Build ID: 2021121317 中的更新


  • Critical/Security: Updated the Apache Log4j 2 library to version 2.15 to avoid the Log4Shell exploit.
  • OpenJDK JRE: Upgraded bundled OpenJDK JRE to 17.0.1.
  • Apple macOS Silicon: Updated OpenJFX from bundled OpenJDK JRE to a newer version that avoids a consistent application crash on macOS 12.


  • macOS/Java 17/Keyboard Shortcuts: Fixed an issue where the Alt-Arrows and the Alt-Shift-Arrows shortcuts did not work in the Text/Author editing modes when the Alt/Option key from the right side of...

Released: Oct 18, 2021

V24.0 中的更新


JSON Schema

  • New Specialized JSON Schema Editor - Added a new JSON Schema editor which allows you to design, develop, and edit JSON Schemas in either the text editing mode or the new visual schema Design mode. The JSON Schema editor offers validation support, content completion, an Outline view, and JSON-specific syntax highlighting.
  • Introducing the New JSON Schema Design Mode - Added new schema diagram editor (Design mode) for editing JSON Schemas. The Design mode has been created to help...

Released: Aug 24, 2021

V23.1 Build ID: 2021082307 中的更新


  • Components/Security: Updated the Apache Commons Compress library to version 1.21.
  • Publishing Engine/Libraries: Updated the ICU4J third-party library to version 69.1.


  • Author/Right-To-Left Text: Fixed an error that happened sometimes when XML documents containing right-to-left text were edited in the Author editing mode.
  • HTML/Outline: Fixed a NullPointerException error that happened in an HTML document when trying to edit attributes from the contextual menu of the Outline view.
  • Oxygen PDF...

Released: Jun 17, 2021

V23.1 Build ID: 2021061407 中的更新


  • Windows/OpenJDK/HiDPI/Text mode: The default font size for Text mode with OpenJDK and HiDPI (scaling) support has been increased to 13. The previous font size (12) caused rendering issues with special characters and scaling.
  • Find/Replace in Files: Resolved issues that were sometimes encountered when using XML-aware filters along with XPath filters, not all matches were found.
  • Author/Schema Aware Editing: Fixed an issue where undo and redo operations could generate incorrect changes in an...

Released: Apr 13, 2021

V23.1 Build ID: 2021040908 中的更新


  • Open URL dialog: Fixed various behavior issues that happened when the server type was changed while the Autoconnect option was enabled (after the user already browsed a remote location).
  • Security: Fixed a vulnerability issue (Remote Code Execution in Apache Velocity).
  • Framework Extension Script: Fixed an issue where ${framework} variables were incorrectly replaced with ${framework(BASE)} in imported scenarios configurations.
  • Windows/Linux/HiDPI/Text mode: Fixed an issue where the default...

Released: Mar 4, 2021

V23.1 中的更新



  • Ignore Validation Problems - Validation problems that have an ID can now be ignored using new quick fix actions.
  • Ignore Schematron Validation Problems - Validation problems that are reported when validating XML with a Schematron schema can also be ignored using the new quick fix actions. For the ignore validation problems proposals to be included in the list of quick fixes, the Schematron assert or report elements must have an ID.
  • Restore Ignored Validation Problems Directly in the...

Released: Dec 21, 2020

V23.0 Build ID: 2020121712 中的更新


  • Preferences: Fixed an issue where setting a preferences page at project level would erroneously do the same thing for some child pages when reloading the project.
  • Resource Hierarchy/Dependencies: Fixed an issue where working sets defined in a previous session were no longer loaded when Oxygen was started.
  • XSLT/Content Completion: Fixed an issue where wrong content completion proposals were presented inside text value templates.
  • XSLT/Content Completion: Fixed an issue where invalid proposals...

Released: Nov 19, 2020

V23.0 中的更新


Diff and Merge Support for Eclipse

  • Compare XML Content in Oxygen's Text-based Diff Mode - The Oxygen diff and merge support in the Eclipse plugin now includes a text-based mode with all the features and options that are available in the Standalone version of Oxygen. So XML-related content can now be compared in either the text-based mode or the visual comparison mode and it is very easy to switch back and forth between the two modes.
  • Compare DTD Documents - The diff and merge support in the...

Released: Oct 7, 2020

V22.1 Build ID: 2020100710 中的更新


  • Validation: Fixed an issue where the validation status message sometimes kept blinking in the status bar of the application.
  • XQuery Documentation: Fixed an issue where generation of the XQuery documentation did not work anymore.
  • DITA-OT Publishing: Running Oxygen with Java 14, when a DITA OT transformation started and the transformation parameter "fix.external.refs.com.oxygenxml" was enabled, the transformation failed with a HeadlessException error.
  • DITA Maps Manager: Fixed a performance...