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A complete diff and merge tool.

Offers both directory and file comparison, six different diff algorithms and multiple levels of comparison. File comparison is done by opening them in two editors arranged side by side. You can edit both the source and the target file and the differences are refreshed when you save the modified documents. The comparison and merging can also be performed on files inside ZIP-based archives.


  • Word Level Comparison - When there are modifications between the source and the target file you can see them at word level by clicking the "Show modification details at word level" button from the Compare menu.
  • Character Level Comparison - See modifications in even more detail, at character level, by clicking the "Show modification details at char level" button from the Compare menu.
  • Compare Directories - The directory comparison result are presented using a tree view. The directories that contain different files are expanded automatically, so you can focus directly on the differences. You can merge directory content using the copy action or you can examine the content of the different files. Comparison and merging is also performed inside ZIP-based archives (ZIP, JAR, ODF, OOXML). When performing a diff between directories/archives the files can be compared by several methods:
    • By timestamp - Only the file date and size are compared (fastest method). This is useful when the directories contain a lot of different files.
    • By content - The file content is compared using the default diff algorithm.
    • Binary comparison - The file content is compared byte with byte.
  • The file and folder exclude filters help to easily specify the set of files that will be used during the comparison operation. If a file or a folder exists only on one side of the compared directories, the name of the file or folder will be colored blue and marked with an "X". If a file exists in both directories but the content is different, the name of the file will be colored red and marked with a "not-equal" sign.
  • Compare Images - By double clicking on a line containing image files the “Compare Images” dialog will be displayed. The dialog presents the images side by side scaled to fit the available area. Supported image types are: GIF, JPG / JPEG, PNG, BMP.
  • Component for Integration in Other Applications - The XML diff engine is also available as a standalone Java component that can be integrated in an external application.