Oxygen XML WebHelp

Oxygen XML WebHelp helps you transform DITA and DocBook resources into WebHelp output. You can transform DITA and DocBook documents into three types of WebHelp systems, Desktop WebHelp (using the predefined DITA/DocBook WebHelp transformation scenario), Desktop WebHelp with feedback (using the predefined DITA/DocBook WebHelp with feedback transformation scenario) and WebHelp for mobile devices, supported over multiple platforms (using the predefined DITA/DocBook WebHelp and mobile transformation scenarios).

Oxygen XML WebHelp Features

  • Skins - The layout of the WebHelp Responsive system is platform independent and is highly customizable. It relies on a template mechanism that allows you to control the position of various functional components in the output to suit your particular requirements. You can select from several different styles of layouts and each of these layouts include a collection of skins that you can choose from, or you can even customize your own.
  • WebHelp Responsive with Feedback...


November 6, 2023Product Update
Oxygen XML WebHelp V26.0 允许用户通过选择其正在查找的信息的各个方面来缩小搜索结果的范围。
Oxygen XML WebHelp V26.0
Oxygen XML WebHelp V26.0
October 16, 2023新版本
Oxygen XML WebHelp V25.1
Oxygen XML WebHelp V25.1
March 21, 2023新版本
Oxygen XML WebHelp V25.0
Oxygen XML WebHelp V25.0
October 14, 2022新版本
添加生成 Google 结构化数据和控制搜索支持的功能。
Oxygen XML WebHelp V24.1
Oxygen XML WebHelp V24.1
March 14, 2022新版本
添加在 WebHelp 输出中控制各种组件的粘滞布局选项的功能。
Oxygen XML WebHelp V24.0
Oxygen XML WebHelp V24.0
October 19, 2021新版本

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  • DITA Open Toolkit Plugin
  • DocBook XSL Distribution Plugin