SharePoint Bulk Properties Editor 关于

对 SharePoint 进行批量编辑、导入、复选框、批准/拒绝和标记。

SharePoint Bulk Properties Editor allows end users to batch/bulk edit properties. Additionally, the product makes it possible to bulk approve/reject documents or list items and to add tags or notes in bulk. By using SharePoint Bulk Properties Editor end users can reduce the time it takes to edit each field one by one and thereby increase productivity.

Bulk edit properties
Save your time by bulk editing metadata for multiple documents or items.

Map metadata with any field
Map and dynamically assign metadata values with any field in the current list.

Append changes to existing values
Append changes to any multiple value columns with a simple click when you index multiple documents.

Edit documents individually with preview
Edit documents individually with preview to help you quickly and accurately index documents.

Reuse your metadata
Use your existing metadata by setting any metadata field as a default value for subsequent document or list item.

Bulk check in documents
Bulk check in documents, including the option to choose different versions and add comments

Bulk approve/reject documents or list items
Approve/reject multiple documents or list items in bulk with content approval features provided by SharePoint 2010.

Bulk add tags
Bulk tag with the social tagging features introduced with SharePoint 2010. Tags can be shared and used by enterprises to ensure compliance with industry or government standards.

Features List

  • Bulk edit metadata for multiple documents or items at one time
  • Map metadata with any columns
  • Bulk check in multiple documents
  • Bulk approve/reject documents or items
  • Mass tag multiple files or documents
  • Re-assign new content type
  • Fill in empty metadata fields with preset values
  • Force to fill in the required fields
  • Easy filling with autocomplete function