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将 Excel 数据导入 SharePoint。

SharePoint Excel Import can quickly and easily import excel data. Importing Excel spreadsheets to a SharePoint List can be done in three easy steps; First, navigate to a SharePoint list. Next, select and upload a spreadsheet in .xlsx, .xls or .csv format. Finally, click Import and all your data in the specific Excel spreadsheet will be imported. With SharePoint Excel Import you can create a new list from an Excel spreadsheet with the field mapping function and even customize column names and column types to fit your needs.

Auto-Import Spreadsheets by Schedule
Create and schedule an import job to automatically import spreadsheets into any SharePoint list using any valid Excel spreadsheet stored on a remote file share server, such as FTP or SharePoint document library (incl. Office 365).
Map fields between SharePoint list and Excel

Map Fields between SharePoint and Excel
Select and map Excel headers to any SharePoint field and preview it using sample data before importing the Excel spreadsheet to SharePoint, ensuring that the right information is quickly and accurately inserted in the right place.Even better, Excel Import saves the last column mapping rule to easily import future spreadsheets.
Export selected items

Export Data to an Excel or CSV file
You can export all items, selected items, filtered data or the current view in any SharePoint list as an Excel (2003/2007/2010/2013) or CSV file. This function also supports author and timestamp fields (Created, Created by, Modified and Modified by).
Check duplicate records when importing an Excel spreadsheet
Skip or Update Duplicate Records

SharePoint Excel Imports give you the option to skip duplicate records when you only want to update specific records in SharePoint list or update duplicate records when you want to skip unnecessary records in Excel spreadsheet from being imported.
Update SharePoint list using an Excel file
Update SharePoint List Using an Excel File

With SharePoint Excel Import you can reduce or eliminate errors when you want to replace specific information in a SharePoint list. You can easily update a SharePoint list by importing an Excel file, which saves time and prevents data loss caused by human error.

Import Sheets in Succession
SharePoint Excel Import offers a quick way to continuously import sheets from one Excel file into a SharePoint list without any repetitive configuration. Saved import settings accelerate the importing process, saving you time and improving efficiency.

Detailed Error Messages
SharePoint Excel Import provides detailed error messages when errors occur during the import operation. This helps you to quickly locate and review errors and troubleshoot importing problem.