Über wRTF2PDF/TextDynamic Server

Nutzen Sie die Möglichkeit zum Erstellen, Ändern und Konvertieren von RTF, HTM und PDF.

wRTF2PDF/TextDynamic Server is a fully programmable word processing engine for deployment with end user applications (DLL, VB, .NET) and on servers, also ASP or ASP.NET Internet servers for universal document conversion and creation. The API makes it easy to load text (RTF, ANSI, HTML, UNICODE and MIME), process text, create tables, insert text and do mail merge, i.e. fill data fields with data and to generate text (PDF, RTF, ANSI, HTML, UNICODE and MIME). RTF2PDF can easily be used with ASP or ASP.NET to create HTML or PDF response output.

wRTF2PDF is not just a tool to convert RTF to PDF or HTML to PDF, it also includes a full featured, completely self contained word processing engine to create formatted text in code.

You can use this component to create documents and invoices on a web server and save the result as RTF, HTML or PDF file.

Integrated, Programmable Word Processing Engine

  • Optimized for server side use
  • Completely self contained, no other tool is required for the conversion
  • includes support for .NET, Win32 DLL and ActiveX
  • Converts RTF files to PDF or HTML
  • Converts HTML to PDF or RTF
  • converts RTF or HTML to EMF (save each page as metafile)
  • Creates new RTF or HTML documents
  • Programming API (similar to Product "TextDynamic")
  • Supports multiple character attributes (fonts, font sizes, colors, styles and colors)
  • Paragraph attributes (indents, spacing, alignment, justified text)
  • Tabstops (left, right, decimal, centered and fill signs)
  • Paragraph styles with CSS support
  • Tables, nested tables, row merge, column merge
  • Footnotes
  • Textboxes
  • Columns
  • Headers and Footers
  • Images (BMP, JPEG, EMF, PNG), linked and embedded, also with text wrapped on both sides
  • Hyperlinks and nestable bookmarks
  • Works with data field objects for mail merge

Integrated PDF conversion engine

  • Compression
  • Security (40, 128 bit)
  • Convert embedded EMF to vectors
  • Font embedding, also subsets
  • Supportfor standard brush styles (hatching)
  • TransparentBitBlt
  • Automatic reuse of the same image data. This way, when you export a document which often uses a logo the PDF file will be significantly smaller
  • Creation of PDF/A complient PDF files (with added meta data and PDF tagging when you use it with WPTools)
  • Supportof CID fonts (known as "unicode" support)
  • Reliable and widely used PDF engine wPDF