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ShinobiControls are creating a comprehensive set of powerful, interactive UI controls to help iOS developers create awesome apps for businesses. All their controls were built with both the developer and the end-user in mind: so they have a clear and logical API to delight the developer, alongside an engaging level of intuitive interaction that users now expect from their Apple devices. ShinobiControls' overall aim is to reduce the time, cost and effort involved in developing data-driven business apps, so that they can increase both in quantity and in quality.

Status da parceria

Como distribuidores oficiais e autorizados, a ComponentSource fornece a você licenças legítimas diretamente da ShinobiControls

Informações de contato


Floor 3
1 St Jame's Gate
United Kingdom
Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm GMT (UTC+0.00)


Manchetes de notícias

ShinobiSuite improves Compatibility
New version now supports iOS 8.
ShinobiCharts for Android improves Customization
New version adds Tickmark and Crosshair customization.
ShinobiCharts improves Styling
New version adds individual bar/column data-point styling.
ShinobiCharts V2.6 released
New version adds Radar and Polar charts.
ShinobiCharts for Android V1.4 released
New version adds annotations and XML based themes.
ShinobiGrids adds Pull-to-Action features
Refresh complete data sets with a simple finger-swipe.