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ActiveReports 键功能包括自定义、高性能、高质量和多语言功能 - 已经过全球数万应用程序的测试。 ActiveReports 支持将数据导出为所有常用的文件格式,其中包括 PDF、Excel、RTF、TIFF 等。 ActiveReports 具有一个使用方便的 Visual Studio .NET 报告设计器和一个强大的 API。 ActiveReports 带有一个可以即刻使用的多语言支持软件包。 ActiveReports 还可以提供免费的无缝运行时部署。


  • ActiveReports 中的报告设计器可以无缝集成到 Visual Studio .NET 开发环境中。只要在开发人员的机器上安装了产品,在项目中添加报告就如同添加类或表单一样简单。
  • 在 Visual Studio .NET 中创建报告,并可直接编译为可执行程序。所以,可以使用 XCopy 部署方式分发组件,可将其放入全局组件缓存 (GAC) 中。对象模型可提供“报告引擎”作为单一的可管理组件。无需在服务器或客户端机器上进行额外设置。 
  • 因为 ActiveReports 完全可管理,因此不需要依赖第三方应用程序。
  • ActiveReports 包括用于导出为基于 Windows 和 Web 的 Adobe PDF、Microsoft Excel、RTF、HTML、Text 和 TIFF 等常用格式的过滤器。
  • 图表控件包括在支持常用  2D 和 3D 图表类型的 ActiveReports 中,并可以提供高级图表功能,还可以导出为各种图形格式。
  • ActiveReports 中包括了报告查看器控件,支持报告缩放和预览,用于查看超链接的多个选项卡,拆分和多页面视图、目录窗格、缩略图、文字搜索、注释和工具栏自定义功能。
  • ActiveReports Professional 具有一个免费的最终用户报告设计器控件,它可以让用户在自己的应用程序中具有自己报告设计器,为最终用户提供了创建和修改报告的功能。

ActiveReports Top Features

  • Cross platform reporting with .NET Core - Extend reporting to Windows, Linux, and MacOS users by embedding ActiveReports in your .NET Core applications. With support for .NET Core, you can create both web and desktop applications using ActiveReports.
  • Design the report type of your choice - Broaden your reporting reach! Select from layout-driven page reports, data-driven RDL reports, and traditional code-based banded section reports
  • End User Report Designers - Embed the fully customizable ProDesigner, end user report designer, in your desktop or web solutions to enable users to create their own reports on the fly. ActiveReports' intuitive designers are easy to use for both technical and non-technical report authors.
  • Embed royalty-free, customizable viewers in your apps - Give your users a table of contents, thumbnails, drill down interactivity, parameters, and even annotations using viewers for JavaScript, HTML5, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, WPF, and WinForms.
  • Reporting in Angular, React, and Vue Front End - Use the JSViewer and ProDesigner for Web libraries to extend reporting and report design capabilities in your JavaScript front end application with a .NET or .NET Core back end.
  • Design and deliver .NET reports, fast, with the Visual Studio add-in - The fully-integrated VSDesigner Add-In includes a toolbox and properties window, providing a familiar, comfortable report design experience in the most popular IDE.
  • Offer ad-hoc reporting to end users - By embedding the customizable ProDesigner* component in your desktop or web solution, you can give your users a tailored ad hoc report-creation experience
  • Powerful reporting engine - ActiveReports’ high-speed reporting engine is optimized for fast imports, exports, calculations, and large report generation
  • Branch out with multiple report types - Pick from layout-driven page reports, scrolling RDL reports, and code-based section reports to create a full-featured report library
  • No-code design with ProDesigner app - Design and deliver reports quickly and easily with the desktop ProDesigner* app
  • Save time with master reports - Create a master report* as a template to keep consistent branding in headers, footers, logos, and more
  • Export to multiple formats - Export to major modern document types like PDF, Excel, CSV, DocX*, JSON, Word, RTF, HTML, Text, XML, and TIFF

.NET Report types

  • Data-driven continuous RDL reports
  • Layout-driven page reports
  • Banded section reports

Report creation

  • Create reports in Visual Studio with VSDesigner Add-In
  • Code-free design with standalone ProDesigner*
  • Add ad-hoc reporting for end users on web and desktop*

Dynamic .NET reports

  • .NET overloadable events
  • Comprehensive, flexible .NET API
  • Control Section Report behavior using events
  • Design dynamic .NET reports entirely in code
  • Change run-time behavior of RDL and Page reports
  • HTTP handlers*

Self-service .NET reporting for end users

  • Add ad-hoc report design for end users in desktop solutions*
  • Add ad-hoc report design for end users in web solutions*
  • Construct reports from parts of other reports*
  • Customizable set of .NET report designer controls
  • Install without Visual Studio for BI and IT teams
  • Customize report layouts for different customers using Layers

Shared .NET Report Sources

  • Nested data regions bound to different data
  • Shared datasources and datasets*
  • Visual Query Designer

Localize .NET Reports

  • Major language character sets and locales
  • Multiple languages supported
  • RTL support
  • Standard and custom multi-byte character sets

ActiveReports server integration

  • Publish ActiveReports directly to a server*
  • Server-based report execution*
  • Use reports already hosted on the server as report parts*
  • Server-based shared data sources and data sets*

Streamlined design and customization

  • .NET Report themes
  • Create and use custom controls in your project
  • CSS-like stylesheets
  • Master reports*
  • Embed SubReports in multiple reports
  • Mail merge operations

Display richly formatted text in XHTML

  • Include HTML text to render reports with rich text
  • Add mail merge fields
  • Add table, table row, table cell, and table header tags and attributes
  • Define element names and output
  • Map attributes to CSS properties
  • Set background and border colors
  • Toggle visibility on rich text


  • Add print methods to your reports
  • Booklet and duplex printing
  • Define different gutters and margins on odd and even pages
  • Define paper sizes, page margins, watermarks, and page scaling
  • PDF print presets
  • Print selected layers, select paper trays, and set pages per sheet
  • Scan preprinted forms for accurate layouts
  • View printer job

Royalty-free viewers

  • JavaScript Viewer*
  • WinForms Viewer
  • WPF Viewer with touch
  • HTML5 Viewer
  • ASP.NET Viewer*
  • ASP.NET Viewer (Raw HTML)*
  • ASP.NET Viewer (PDF)*

Report conversion

  • Convert Crystal Reports
  • Convert Section Reports to RDL
  • Import layouts from Excel
  • Convert MS Access reports
  • Convert RPX reports

Data Sources

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle Client Provider
  • CSV Files
  • JSON Datasources
  • XML Datasources
  • ODBC Providers
  • OLEDB Providers
  • Data Objects
  • Extensible Custom Data Providers
  • Shared datasources and datasets*


  • CSV and Excel
  • DocX* and Doc
  • HTML and XML
  • JSON
  • PDF
  • Advanced PDF encryption* like security, settings, and embedded fonts
  • RTF and Text
  • TIFF

Chart Controls

  • Area Chart
  • Bar Chart
  • Bubble Chart
  • Column Chart
  • Financial Charts
  • Line Chart
  • Pie Chart
  • Scatter Chart

Data Visualization

  • Banded Lists
  • Barcodes
  • Bullets and Sparklines*
  • Calendars
  • Containers and Overflow Placeholders
  • Formatted and Rich Textboxes
  • Images
  • Maps*
  • Tables
  • Table of contents*
  • Tablix in reports


  • Drill down
  • Filter parameters
  • Sorting

*Not included in ActiveReports Standard.