ActiveReports.NET 新版本发表

Released: Dec 18, 2020

15 中的更新


  • Added new Microsoft .NET 5.0 controls for reporting:
    • Added single-file apps to distribute applications as a single exe.
    • Improved performance including garbage collector and JIT enhancements.
    • Improved Blazor Server and WebAssembly.
  • Report Designer for web enhancements - The following are new features and enhancements introduced in the End-User Report Designer for web:
    • Table Control Simplifications:
      • You can create a table from a dataset by dragging the dataset to the design surface.
      • If you need...

Released: Sep 22, 2020

14.2 中的更新


  • Added support for Section Reports in Microsoft .NET Core - You can now render any report type (code based section reports, *.rpx reports, RDL, or Page) and export them using Rendering Extensions or Export Filters on the Microsoft .NET Core framework. Section Reports support deployment to Microsoft Windows machines.
  • Improved Runtime Capabilities in .NET Core - You can now include custom code in the "Script" section of any of your report files to extend the runtime capabilities in .NET Core...

Released: May 20, 2020

14.1 中的更新


  • .NET Core 3.1 Support - For anyone using ActiveReports in a .NET Core 2.x or 3.0 application, it's recommend that you upgrade to .NET Core 3.1 and ActiveReports 14.1. The main benefit of .NET Core, aside from performance improvements, is in its cross-platform nature where you can deploy your .NET applications to macOS and Linux systems.
  • Adding MetaData in PDF Exports - This feature is designed specifically for European users who follow ZUGFeRD standards when creating PDF output of invoices...

Released: Dec 16, 2019

14 中的更新


  • .NET Core and .NET Core 3 Support - ActiveReports now provides native support for .NET Core. It is now also possible to create applications targeting .NET Core 3, that run on Linux and MacOS in addition to Windows.
  • Download Assemblies From NuGet - GrapeCity have now published the assemblies on NuGet to make it easier for developers to get updates, service packs, and bug fixes. However, they will continue to provide installers for all major and minor releases.
  • AcroForms and PDF Export...

Released: Sep 3, 2019

13.2.18250.0 中的更新


  • Improved CSV Data Provider - Added the ability to load CSV data from a URL in Page and RDL reports. This makes using dynamic CSV data, or data stored in a central location, much easier.
  • JSViewer Enhancements - When running a project, JSViewer creates certain temporary folders for report rendering. Once the application page is closed, the temporary files are deleted. Another feature added to JSViewer, to help with efficient layout, is getting page info for the page in which the JSViewer is...

Released: May 2, 2019

13 SP1 中的更新


  • Visual Studio 2019 support.
  • Page and RDL Report Merge - Now you can use the ReportCombiner class to merge existing Page and RDL reports into a single document.
  • Vertical Merge in Table - Now you can merge cells vertically inside Table sections (Header, Footer, Group Header, Group Footer, and Detail). This feature is extremely useful when you have complex table headers and detail sections.
  • LookupSet Function - In Page and RDL reports you can now use the LookupSet function to display all...

Released: Jan 15, 2019

13 中的更新


  • ProDesigner for Web: Enable users to create ad-hoc reports in a web app - AR13 delivers a lightweight, yet robust, report designer. With only a few lines of code, you can easily embed the ProDesigner for Web in your web sites and applications, giving your users the power to design, create, and modify reports. That means the ProDesigner is able to open existing reports in a design view, where end users can manipulate the layout, as well as create new reports and preview them for WYSIWYG result...

Released: Aug 8, 2018

12 Service Pack 2 中的更新


  • Enhanced Tablix performance with larger datasets.
  • Improved Textbox borders in Section Reports.
  • Maintain controls on drag/drop to report header in RDL reports
  • Improved load time when "PrintAtBottom" of "GroupFooter" is set to true.
  • Improved querying tables in Visual Query Designer.
  • Improved dataset field expressions validation when using XML datasource.
  • Improved memory consumption of Section Reports exported to PDF.


  • Resolved Internal InvalidCastException on PDF export of RDL reports...

Released: Apr 4, 2018

12 Service Pack 1 中的更新


  • Chart enhancements
    • Add and customize series lines in column and bar charts. Properties include Style, Width, and Color.
    • Change the text orientation in chart axis points with Text Orientation property. Options include Auto, Angle, Horizontal, Rotated90, Rotated270, and Stacked.
  • CrossSectionBox enhancements - CrossSectionBox now includes a CloseBorder property. If a grouping in a Section Report spans multiple pages and needs a border, the CloseBorder property allows you to close the bottom and...

Released: Nov 15, 2017

12 中的更新


  • Combine related datasets from different data sources with the Dataset Joins feature - Enable report authors to combine related datasets from different data sources - all in the same report. If you have data from a CRM, SCM, and ERP, you can use Dataset Joins to join them in nested Tables, Tablix and other data regions in ActiveReports 12 using expressions.
  • Export to CSV and JSON - These export functions are similar to the other exports such as PDF, Doc, Docx, and HTML and only require a few...