ComponentOne Studio WinForms 关于

保持用于应用程序开发各个方面的 Windows 窗体组件的完整集合。

ComponentOne Studio for WinForms 提供现有的ComponentOne .NET 工具、1年按需付费期内发布的所有.NET新工具和更新,以及电子邮件支持。 ComponentOne Studio for Winforms 目前还包含: C1 FlexGrid for .NET、C1 True DBGrid for .NET、 C1 Preview for .NET、 C1 Reports for .NET、 C1 Chart for .NET、 C1 DataObjects for .NET、 C1 Input for .NET、C1 List for .NET、 C1 PDF for .NET、 C1 XLS for .NET、 C1 Zip for .NET、 C1 Flash for .NET、 C1 Barcode for .NET、 C1 Menus and Toolbars for .NET、 C1 Spell for .NET 和 C1 Sizer for .NET。 ComponentOne 白金版按需付费支持服务提供1整年的电话和在线技术支持。ComponentOne Studio for WinForms 也可作为ComponentOne Studio 企业版的一部分提供。

Deliver intuitive and modern Windows Forms applications in less time with over 120 advanced WinForms UI controls.

  • Display and edit data with lightning-fast data grids and input controls.
  • Endless data visualization options with flexible charts and reporting components.
  • Complete your apps with essential docking, ribbon, and dashboard layout controls.
  • Extensive API and built-in customization options.
  • Support for .NET Framework and .NET 6.

WinForms UI controls are reusable design elements that help developers implement a wide variety of features in their desktop applications in less time. ComponentOne provides a complete set of high-performing, flexible WinForms controls, including data grids, charts, input, and more.

Industry Leading .NET Data Grid
FlexGrid continues to be one of the industry's fastest data grids - loading large data sets up to 10x faster than the competition.

Extensive and Flexible API
Get the features you need for today and tomorrow, with an ever-growing API that allows you to customize every control to your specifications.

Fun and Easy-To-Use Design
Enjoy building your UI swiftly thanks to the smart Microsoft Visual Studio design-time integration.

Develop Desktop Apps with Style
Go beyond the standard desktop look-and-feel with 40+ built-in themes, or create your own with the included Theme Designer.

Deliver Modern, Touch-First Desktop Apps
Broaden the reach of your desktop apps for touch screens and tablets using the unique Touch Toolkit.

500+ VB and C# Samples
Learn how to implement every feature hands-on with access to hundreds of code samples - installed locally or found on GitHub.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 and Microsoft Windows 10 Support
With seamless toolbox and project template integration, ComponentOne is the perfect companion to Visual Studio development on Windows 10.

Manageable Distribution with NuGet Packages
Make package management effortless with ComponentOne NuGet packages on or installed locally.

ComponentOne WinForms controls include:

  • Data Management
    • Data Extender
    • Data Objects
    • DataSource
    • FlexGrid
    • FlexPivot
    • List
    • OLAP/Pivot
    • True DBGrid
  • Reporting & Documents
    • C1Word Library
    • Excel
    • FlexReport
    • FlexReport Designer
    • PDF DocumentSource
    • PDF
    • C1Report
  • Navigation & Layout
    • DockingTab
    • Menus and Toolbars
    • NavBar
    • OutBar
    • Radial Menu
    • Ribbon
    • Sizer
    • SplitContainer
    • SuperTooltip
    • TileControl
    • TopicBar
    • TreeView
    • Win Pack
  • Data Visualization
    • Chart
    • FinancialChart*
    • FlexChart
    • FlexPie
    • GanttView
    • Gauges
    • Maps
  • Utilities
    • BarCode
    • DynamicHelp
    • IntelliSpell*
    • SpellChecker
    • Themes
    • TouchToolkit
    • Zip

* (only included in ComponentOne Studio and ComponentOne Ultimate)