ComponentOne Studio WinForms 新版本发表

Released: Nov 19, 2019

2019 v3 中的更新


  • Deliver the Latest Ribbon UI in your Desktop Apps - The new Ribbon for WinForms is built on .NET 4.5.2 and it's based on UI concepts of Microsoft Office 365. With it you'll enjoy a new simplified view when the ribbon is collapsed, an enhanced set of embedded images for buttons along with support for font and vector-based icons, and a backstage view component.
  • Create Hierarchical Grids with the New FlexGrid Detail Row - the new row details feature gives you more flexibility when creating...

Released: Jul 30, 2019

2019 v2 中的更新


Support for .NET Framework 4.5.2

  • This release continues to update ComponentOne Studio components to support the latest .NET Framework. Microsoft has ended support for .NET 4.5.1, and based upon feedback from an earlier survey, it was decided to update all ComponentOne .NET controls to .NET 4.5.2. This release updates all WinForms and ASP.NET (MVC and Web Forms) controls. GrapeCity will finish updating WPF controls by the next release in November.
  • Starting with 2019 v2, .NET 4.5.2 will be the...

Released: Mar 21, 2019

2019 v1 中的更新


  • Adds support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2019.
  • New ComponentOne Control Panel - provides a new way to install, update, license, and maintain your ComponentOne libraries. It also provides fast access to samples, and support.
  • New DataFilter - A powerful UI addition, the DataFilter provides an easy, ecommerce-like filter to accompany any data-aware control. It makes it easy to filter on criteria such as brand, price, time period, product name, or any other criteria represented in your data...

Released: Nov 20, 2018

2018 v3 中的更新


  • New Material Theme Designer - In addition to adding Material, Material Dark, and Office 2016 Excel Green themes, WinForms now features a Material Theme Designer sample that allows you to set the primary and accent colours of Material theme and save\load them in C1themes format.
  • New DataFilter control (beta) - A powerful UI addition, the DataFilter provides an easy, ecommerce-like filter to accompany any data-aware control. You can create filters from datasources, autogenerated, or create them...

Released: Jul 18, 2018

2018 v2 中的更新


New Controls

  • Build BI dashboards with Dashboard Layout for WinForms and ASP.NET MVC
    • Embed ComponentOne's data controls and design dynamic screens and business intelligence dashboards with the interactive Dashboard Layout control. You can choose layouts that fit your screen requirements, and built-in features like drag and drop, maximize and restore, save and load layouts, and conversion of existing layouts provide a powerful layout system.
  • New Barcodes in WinForms, WPF, and UWP including...

Released: Apr 3, 2018

2018 v1 中的更新


  • New Control: MultiSelect Input Control is a drop-down control that extends ComboBox and adds checkboxes next to each item in the drop-down list, allowing users to select multiple items from a list.
  • New Themed Project Templates: Add a theme before you create your project, includes Office 2016 themes. Makes it even easier to start using ComponentOne controls in your projects.
  • The new C1 Samples Explorer allows users to access samples and demos from a built-in desktop app. When the product...

Released: Nov 15, 2017

2017 v3 中的更新


  • New Expression Editor control allows end users to add Excel-like functions within a grid.
  • FlexChart
    • Added 16 chart types, including step chart variations, histogram, and ranged histogram.
    • Added legend-grouping, drilldown support, line styling for markers and editable annotations.
    • SaveImage is now available in FlexPie, Sunburst, and TreeMap charts.
    • New Dashboard Demo showcases FlexChart, linear gauge, FlexGrid, range navigator, FlexPivot, map, and funnel chart controls.
    • Added new financial...

Released: Jul 19, 2017

2017 v2 中的更新


Bitmap for WinForms

  • Added C1PdfDocument.SetDashPattern() method which allows to change default dash patterns for predefined dash styles. Added C1PdfDocument.ResetDashPatterns() method to reset dash patterns for predefined dash styles to defaults.

CalendarView for WinForms

  • Added C1CalendarView.CurrentCulture and C1CalendarView.Calendar properties. The size of C1CalendarView is now same for all months, regardless of how many weeks they contain.
  • Added C1DateEdit control, which is used for...

Released: Mar 15, 2017

2017 v1 中的更新


  • Full support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2017.
  • CalendarView (beta) - A new feature-rich calendar control with improved performance that allows the user to select a date or range of dates. The control can display as one month or several months, and provide quick navigation through months and years.
    Top features include:
    • Selected dates.
    • Bolded dates.
    • Disabled dates.
    • Annually bolded dates.
    • WeekNumbers.
  • TreeView custom nodes - Customize TreeView nodes using the CustomContentPresenter property of...

Released: Jan 18, 2017

2016 v3.5 中的更新


  • Improved TreeView for WinForms - The addition of default editors makes TreeView a more intelligent control: if the value is datetime, DatePicker will automatically come up; a numeric value will use NumericEdit, and so on.
  • Bitmap for WinForms - Load an image from a file, stream or another bitmap object with the new C1Bitmap object. Image manipulations include:
    • Clip
    • Scale
    • Flip
    • Rotate
    • Change pixel format
    • Apply any combination of these transformations
  • Bitmap can be loaded from the following...