Image Upload Column

Image Upload Column provides you with the ability to select an image or picture using a file browsing dialog, upload and display it in a list view within SharePoint.  Image Upload Column provides a quick mechanism for manipulating image upload, edit and delete actions. It is also possible to setup filtering using predefined or custom extensions.

Image Upload Column Features

  • Direct image uploading   
  • Support for any type of Microsoft SharePoint list (not only Picture Library)   
  • File extensions filtering (predefined and custom extensions supported)   
  • Ability to upload files on any type (documents, archives and others)   
  • Image thumbnails for list views   
  • Image description support (used as alternative text for the picture)   
  • Customizing image appearance on list view and list item Edit/Display forms (specifying image size, limiting image size, displaying...


Image Upload Column 2.3
Image Upload Column 2.3
June 19, 2017新版本
添加对 Microsoft SharePoint 2016 的支持。
Image Upload Column updated
Image Upload Column updated
April 18, 2013修补程序发布
Image Upload Column released
Image Upload Column released
July 12, 2011新闻发布
A quick and simple way of uploading pictures in SharePoint.

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Compatible Containers
  • Microsoft SharePoint 2016
  • Microsoft SharePoint 2013
  • Microsoft SharePoint 2010
  • Microsoft SharePoint 2007