ArtfulBits Password Expiration Web Part

Password Expiration Web Part enables you to notify Active Directory users that their password has expired using a Web Part user interface. It includes a link to a web page to change their password and/or an email that is automatically sent to their inbox. There is also an option to force users to automatically redirect to a selected web page in order to change their password. In addition, Administrators can schedule email notifications using a password expiration alert job.

Password Expiration Web Part Features

  • Notify users via Web Part interface when password is about to expire.
  • Ability to automatically redirect the users to a specified URL to enforce password changing.
  • Send email notifications to users before their passwords expire.
  • Schedule frequency and grace period for sending emails.
  • Customizable email notification.
  • Language pack support.


Password Expiration Web Part V2.0
Password Expiration Web Part V2.0
June 23, 2017新版本
Password Expiration Web Part launched
Password Expiration Web Part launched
May 16, 2013新闻发布
Notify users when a password is about to expire.

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SharePoint Support
  • Microsoft SharePoint 2016
  • Microsoft SharePoint 2013
  • Microsoft SharePoint 2010