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用FarPoint工作表轻松地将网格和高级工作表功能加入您的应用程序中。 FarPoint Spread 可提供无与伦比的单元格级的灵活性,以最大限度地对数据的显示和输入进行控制,具有充足的事件,可对用户的更改作出响应,为所有内容提供了一个引人注目的主题列表;包括导入/导出功能,包括导入和导出 Excel 97和2000文件的功能,增强的打印功能、多种单元格类型、公式、64位 DLL 等功能。 FarPoint Spread 允许您创建一个最大可达20亿行乘20亿列的工作表。

Spread COM Features

  • Calculation Engine - Spread includes a very comprehensive calculation engine with over 100 built-in functions to provide formula support. Easily add your own custom functions to Spread. You can also use named expressions or relative cell addressing to reference the formulas.
  • Print Support - Spread gives you control over printing with options such as page ranges, data ranges, headers and footers, margins, orientation, grid lines, and colors. Spread also supports advanced scaling options to fit the content in the page and APIs for custom printing requirements.
  • Print Preview Control - The included print preview control makes it easy to preview the printed spreadsheet. There are several options for controlling how your customer will preview the data, including the number of pages that will be previewed on the screen and zooming options.
  • Visual Template Designer - Design spreadsheets with the run-time design tool. It lets you set properties, formatting, data sources, calculations, and more without writing code. The Learn Mode tool records your actions and generates VB code to help you learn how to use the API and speed your development of code for event handlers.
  • Data Binding - Spread can automatically retrieve and display information from ActiveX objects (ADO), Data Access Objects (DBO), and Remote Data Objects (RDO). Spread will create the appropriate columns, configure headers, and create the proper cell types, and allow the user to update the database.
  • Unbound Mode - While Spread's bound mode is powerful, Spread is equally effective when loading data from many other sources such as Microsoft Excel, CSV, tab-delimited files, and custom-delimited files. Virtual Mode events provide the API for loading rows dynamically and buffering the rows in a virtual page.
  • File Import/Export - Spread will import and export your data to multiple file formats including Excel .xls and .xlsx, XML, HTML, .SS* (Spread proprietary format), tab-delimited, and comma-delimited. Excel files can be exported with or without formulas.
  • Data Validation - One of the most powerful features of Spread is the ability to validate data automatically. Spread provides fourteen built-in cell types that are configured to accept only a certain type of data input, and a custom cell type that can use any control for editing in the cell.
  • Multiple Operation Modes - Operation modes control how your customers can interact with Spread. For example, you can make Spread read-only or have it act as a list box. Row Mode is designed for data binding use cases which edit a row and fire the LeaveRow event.
  • Cell Borders - All border design properties including thickness, color, and style are supported. Create rich reports with thin and thick lines, dotted lines, outlines, signature lines and more, quickly and easily using the Spread Designer tool or API.
  • Text Tips - Add cell notes and text tips to give users additional information. Cell Notes are indicated by a red dot in the corner of the cell and when clicked, information appears. Text tips are similar except they appear on hover.
  • Sheet and Cell Protection - Lock specific cells or entire sheets from editing. Protect worksheets with or without a password, and restrict user actions like row and column insertion, deletion, resizing, and more. Secure your formulas and prevent others from seeing your proprietary data.