Spread COM 新版本发表

Released: Oct 13, 2020 中的更新


  • Word wrap works fine with all font types.
  • Quotes are no longer added while copying text from multiline Edit Cell to single-line Edit Cell.
  • Memory leak issue in cell types has been fixed.
  • Issues in source code have been fixed.
  • Cells with a quote prefix (') are imported correctly from an xlsx file.

Released: May 2, 2017

8.0.28 中的更新


  • The sort indicator is now displayed correctly.
  • A memory leak issue has been resolved.

Released: Feb 15, 2017

8.0.27 中的更新


  • Lines no longer appear in header cells when resizing columns.
  • The row selection now works correctly.
  • The sorting indicator is now displayed correctly.

Released: Jun 29, 2016

8.0.26 中的更新


  • Closing the application no longer causes an exception.

Released: May 16, 2016

8.0.25 中的更新


  • Highlighting cells now works correctly.

Released: Mar 4, 2016

8.0.24 中的更新


  • SSOwnerPrintDraw and SSOwnerPrintPageCount functions.
  • Methods to open and save Excel 2007 xlsx formatted files.
  • The PMTXL formula function was added.

Released: Oct 10, 2011

Updates in this release

Updates in V8.0.14

  • Certain Excel-formatted files are now imported correctly
  • Files used with the DLL now have the correct information
  • Formulas now respond correctly when columns are removed
  • Frozen and hidden columns are now exported correctly
  • The SelModeSendMessage method now works correctly
  • Certain Excel-formatted files are now imported correctly
  • Certain database fields now update correctly
  • Currency and float cells are now correctly exported to an Excel-formatted file
  • The SSSetData function and...

Released: Nov 18, 2008

Updates in this release

Updates in V8.0

  • Excel 2007 format support (requires the .NET Framework). The source code does not include source for reading/writing the new Excel 2007 format.
  • New Formula Functions
  • Ability to create a custom cell
  • A 64-bit DLL (New 64 bit component now included)
  • Shape and color settings for cell notes
  • New OCX methods for saving and loading to/from a buffer
  • New event for circular references
  • Enhanced appearance
  • Enhanced appearance for headers and sheet corners
  • Enhanced appearance for scroll bars...

Released: Mar 15, 2004

Updates in this release

Updates in V7.0

  • Multiple Sheets support
  • Cross-sheet Formula Referencing
  • Unicode Support
  • Built-in Support for Moving Rows or Columns, with visual indication
  • New Scientific Notation celltype
  • Improved Number Formatting
  • Faster, improved Sorting
  • More Robust Spread Designer
  • Customize the colors, widths and the heights for the Scroll Bars
  • Double-click the header to automatically resize the column to the widest text
  • Scalable (Percentage) Printing
  • Fit-To-Page Printing
  • Center Horizontal and Center...

Released: Feb 21, 2002

Updates in this release

Updates in V6.5

  • Define multiple column and header rows
  • Merge columns or rows that contain identical data for easier viewing of the data
  • Create a cell span to join multiple cells
  • Use Spread's new Search feature to find specified text or values in a column or row
  • Rotate cell or header text 90 degrees, 180 degrees or 270 degrees
  • Identify any column by giving it a unique name (useful when moving columns)
  • Automatically display negative numbers as red in currency, number, and percent cells
  • Set user...