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Spread COM 8.0.28


原厂厂家的产品编号: SP801敝公司的产品编号: CS-504585-934966

授权与交付方式 $ 1,476.52 加入购物车
  • Spread COM (42.5 MB)

Spread COM 8.0.28 - Upgrade

1 Developer License - Upgrade from previous version

原厂厂家的产品编号: SP802


Spread COM 许可

程序员License 每台机器需要一个软件License。
团队 Licenses: 团队Licenses允许您在多台机器上安装软件,在此基础上您购买一份license,条件是所有程序员为同一个组织工作。
分销商和经销商注,请注意: 团队License不能转售给个人—这是专门提供给为同一个组织工作的程序员团队的—他们也是最终用户的Licensee。



Is the license permanent (perpetual) or temporal (time-limited)?

Spread COM licenses are perpetual.

Can I upgrade?

Upgrades are available from the previous version of Spread COM to the current version.

Can I buy an old product version?

GrapeCity does not offer previous versions for sale directly, but if you purchase a new license for Spread COM, GrapeCity will be glad to provide you with the version of the product that you need. Simply submit a support ticket.

Do I need to buy a license for my build machine?

Yes. You need a separate license for your build machines.

Do I need to purchase licenses for my customers?

No. Spread COM includes royalty-free redistribution. Provided your customers are using Spread COM as part of your application, they do not need a license. Anyone who has design time access (the ability to code) will need to own a license.

Is Source Code available?

No. Source Code is not available for Spread COM.

What type of support do I get?

All licensed users have access to the Spread Forums, which have an active customer base and input from the technical support team.

Users with urgent questions can submit a ticket through GrapeCity's online form.