FastReport VCL Professional Edition v6.0.0

新建報表引擎創建互動式報表, 在報表設計器和預覽中使用。
March 15, 2018 - 15:41


Report Engine:

  • New architecture allows the creation of interactive reports and objects editors which can be used in both the report designer and preview.
  • Allows expressions post processing in «Text» objects. New post processing allows you to calculate expressions inside text objects (and others) by an event (group ending, for example) with delay. This mechanism allows showing aggregate functions like Sum at the beggining of the report, before the total value is calculated, without any script code and just from one data pass.
  • New duplicates proccessing. With the new duplicates processing system it is easy to combine dublicate «Text» objects. It is also possible to clear duplicated text like it was before, but now adds the ability to hide objects with same text and even join several «Text» objects in one.
  • Transport input-output filters.
    • New intermediate layer between Save and Load file operations allows end users to easily save and load report templates or prepared reports.
    • Allows saving export files to different files storage or sending it by e-mail. Easily save report templates, prepared reports or exported results to different places like cloud services or send by e-mail.
    • Delphi's component model allows filters to be easily included in applications. With the component model it's easy to add and control transports in your application.
    • FastReport VCL supports these storage: E-mail, FTP, DropBox, OneDrive,, GoogleDrive.

New objects:

  • Table object
    • Build tabular reports with variable numbers of rows and/or columns.
    • Build complicated tabular reports without frame overlapping.
    • Quickly create reports and manipulate table appearance
      • Add new Row
      • Add New Columns
      • Change Row/Column places,
      • Join cells
      • Set table dimensions
      • Change Row/Column sizes
      • Link cells with data. Just like "Text" object Table can grow and split.
  • New Map object
    • Add geographical maps to your report.
    • Supports different maps formats like OSM and ESRI.
    • Has rich abilities such as color ranges, highlights, GPX, interactivity and more.
  • Gauge object
    • Add more visual representation and interaction to reports with new Gauge Types (interval, linear, radiant and more).
  • New barcode types for barcode object Aztec code, MaxiCode and USPS can be used inside the report.


  • New export filter abilities for PDF, SVG, HTML5 allows processing complicated objects like RichText, Chart and Maps.
  • Exports directly as vector/text format, approaching WYSIWYG in these formats.

Report Designer:

  • Improved Guide lines allows moving and resizing docked objects which makes editing reports easier.
  • User's can set up Guide line functionality in report designer options.
  • Extended script debugger. Improves break points with the ability to temporarily disable them and set conditions for triggering.
  • New window with "Local" variables list.
FastReport VCL adds expressions post processing in Text objects.

FastReport VCL Professional Edition

Delphi 的報告生成器。


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