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Redgate Software

Redgate Software counts Microsoft, HP, Sage, Bank of America, AT&T, the US Treasury and over 9,000 other leading organizations as customers of its software development tools. There are over 100,000 Microsoft technology DBAs, developers and testers currently using Redgate products. The company believes that by producing simple tools that solve the technical problems of Microsoft technology professionals it will continue to add value to the software development community. Therefore, it does...

Every developer needs this tool. It lets you build better applications, and provides insight into undocumented APIs.

Daniel Larson, Software Architect, NewsGator Technologies


透过分析提高了 .NET 8 應用性能
透过分析提高了 .NET 8 應用性能
May 17, 2024Product Update
ANTS Performance Profiler 11.3.0 擴展了 .NET 分析功能,支援 .NET 8 程式集和專案。
Redgate Software 榮獲 ComponentSource 四個獎項
Redgate Software 榮獲 ComponentSource 四個獎項
April 29, 2024Publisher Award
ComponentSource 授予 Redgate Software 2024 年度廠家 25 強獎和三項產品獎
自動記錄 SQL Server 資料庫
自動記錄 SQL Server 資料庫
April 9, 2024Product Update
SQL Doc v5.2.20 現在為 Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) 版本 20.0 中的資料庫啟用文件。
發現記憶體洩漏並優化 .NET 8 應用
發現記憶體洩漏並優化 .NET 8 應用
April 5, 2024Product Update
ANTS Memory Profiler v11.3.0 現在讓您識別和修復您 .NET 8 代碼庫中與記憶體相關的問題。
發現隱藏的 SQL 性能瓶頸
發現隱藏的 SQL 性能瓶頸
March 6, 2024Product Update
SQL Monitor 13.0.54 用電腦和資料庫的 I/O 輸送量指標增強了分析頁。


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