SQL Prompt Pro

SQL Prompt automates the retrieval of database object names, syntax, and snippets as you write, intelligently offering only appropriate code choices. Automatic script layout provides easy code readability - particularly useful when working with unfamiliar scripts. SQL Prompt is highly productive straight out of the box. It is also customizable so you can make it perform exactly the way you want it to. Using SQL Prompt will improve your productivity and dramatically reduce your time at the keyboard.

SQL Prompt

  • Write SQL fast and accurately with code completion
  • Understand code more easily with script layout
  • Continue to use your current editor – SQL Prompt works within SSMS, Query Analyzer, and Visual Studio
  • Keyword formatting, join completion, code snippets, and many more powerful features

SQL Prompt simply sits behind the scenes and provides unobtrusive help when you press CTRL+SPACEBAR or when you type "." after a table/view/alias name.

SQL Prompt Pro - Intelligent code completion for SQL...


SQL Prompt Pro
SQL Prompt Pro
August 22, 2023新版本
添加對 Azure SQL 資料庫上多種語法的支援。
SQL Prompt Pro
SQL Prompt Pro
July 25, 2023新版本
添加高級搜索工具提示,透過使用雙引號在 SQL 歷史記錄中查找完全匹配項。
SQL Prompt Pro
SQL Prompt Pro
July 4, 2023新版本
添加對 SQL Server 2022 新函數的支援,包括“GENERATE_SERIES”和“JSON_PATH_EXISTS”。
SQL Prompt Pro
SQL Prompt Pro
June 16, 2023新版本
添加對 RESPECT NULLS(考慮空值)和 IGNORE NULLS(忽略空值)語法的支援。
SQL Prompt Pro
SQL Prompt Pro
May 26, 2023新版本
添加對 CET 和 CETAS 語句語法的支援。
SQL Prompt Pro
SQL Prompt Pro
March 30, 2023新版本
將排序選項添加到 SQL 歷史記錄高級搜索。

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One software license is required per user。 Support and upgrades: For the duration of the purchased support period; 1 Year, 2 Years or 3 Years, you will receive: Free upgrades: when a new major version...

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El producto es el complemento ideal para SQL Server Management Studio, por medio de múltiples herramientas que facilitan la escritura de código T-SQL como el acceso a campos, la advertencia sobre... 閱讀詳情