SourceGear Vault Standard 10.0.2

跨平臺用戶端現在支持 Java 9/Java 10 JDK。
11月 08, 2018 - 11:30


  • Cross Platform Client now supports Java 9/Java 10 JDK.


Vault Server

  • Modified handling of HTTP reqeuests to mitigate random failures of GET operations in some virtual machine networks.
  • Corrected issue where email digest notifications would generate Notification Server log message: "Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint 'pk_digestdetails'.".
  • Addressed a condition during heavy concurrent committed uploads resulting in Vault Server log message: "Uncaught Exception: The process cannot access the file <tempfile>.tmp because it is being used by another process".

Vault Cross Platform Client

  • Corrected problem in Search Results for source control operations (Check Out, Get, Undo, etc.) where operation would not complete if the files in the search results belonged to different, but similarly named folders.
  • Fixed issue in temp file handling allowing Custom Diff to launch from History Explorer.

Windows Command Line Client

  • Vault CLC now runs without modification to vault.exe.config on systems where .NET 4.5.x or higher is the only installed Framework.

Vault Folder Export / Import

  • Fixed issue in the data saved for a Vault Folder Export in which incorrectly stored checksum information of a versioned file would silently be skipped during a subsequent import.

Vault Admin Documentation

  • Clarified documentation regarding keyword expansion excluding and not expanding files not found in the mergeable file list.

Windows Power Toys

  • Vault Power Toys now run without modification to *.exe.config on systems where .NET 4.5.x or higher is the only installed Framework.
SourceGear Vault Standard

SourceGear Vault Standard



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