Sparx Systems Pro Cloud Server v4.0 (Build 34)

最新版本包括對雲伺服器和 WebEA 的更新。
8月 28, 2019 - 15:37


  • Cloud Server
    • Adds support for creating Resources/Resource Features in a Model that has 'Require User Lock to Edit' enabled.
  • WebEA
    • Element Properties now display 'Files' information.
    • Improves the positioning of main view icon and hamburger menu.
    • Improves the expanding of discussion replies using the expand/collapse icon.
    • Improved Element hamburger menu for Internet Explorer.
    • Selecting a list item in the Properties Main View (e.g. a Change) now scrolls the item's details into view.
    • Adds Copy to Clipboard buttons on the Object Link page.
    • Improves WebEA's configuration page behavior in Chrome.
Sparx Systems Pro Cloud Server

Sparx Systems Pro Cloud Server



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