Altova RaptorXML Server 2020 Release 2

添加對資料類型註冊表(DTR)XBRL 標準的支援。
March 17, 2020 - 16:02


  • Support for Data Types Registry - A standard from XBRL International, Data Types Registry (DTR) is a centralized list of datatypes to be used in XBRL taxonomies. The DTR was created to promote consistency in taxonomies across different domains.
  • Support for Extensible Enumerations 2.0 - RaptorXML+XBRL Server supports validation of documents that include XBRL Extensible Enumerations, and support for the latest version of the standard has been added in this release.
  • Support for OS X 10.15 - RaptorXML Server, along with other Altova server software products, now supports running on this latest version of Mac OS X.
Altova RaptorXML Server

Altova RaptorXML Server

快速驗證和處理 XML 和 XBRL 的引擎。


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