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添加對 .NET 5 和 .NET Core 3.1 Windows Forms 的支援以及 Cell Data Types for .NET Objects。
11月 18, 2020 - 16:32


Microsoft .NET 5.0 and Microsoft .NET Core 3.1 Windows Forms Controls

  • This release includes a new NuGet package GrapeCity.Spread.WinForms for .NET 5 and .NET Core 3.1 WinForms. Users can create WinForms applications using the Spread controls in .NET 5 and .NET Core 3.1 and port existing WinForms projects using GrapeCity Spread.NET controls.
  • The new GrapeCity.Spread.WinForms NuGet package supports multi-targeting. Use net5.0-windows;netcoreapp3.1 to create multi-targeted builds. Use the NuGet Package Manager in Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 to install the GrapeCity.Spread.WinForms package in older .NET 4.5.2+ projects to upgrade the controls.

Cell Data Types for Microsoft .NET Objects

  • This feature lets you create a custom data type by defining a class and implementing the properties for the data type, then create objects using that class and set those to cells.
  • Implemented built-in support for wrapping a DataTable or a DataView inside a cell data type.

Hyperlink Enhancements

  • Includes many enhancements for Hyperlink support:
    • Links to cell references.
    • Links to named ranges.
    • Links to tables.
    • Links to email.
    • Links to web sites and files.
    • Links from cells, shapes, and images.
    • Custom tooltip text for links.
    • Automatic creation of links when editing cells.
  • Easily create a table of contents or index for a workbook with links to essential sections organized in cells or shapes, and specify the screen tip text to show the user.
  • Enable the AutoCreateHyperlink feature and create hyperlinks while editing cells.
  • Create internal workbook links using a special syntax like "spread://Sheet1!A1" to specify the location. This syntax also supports named ranges like "spread://SalesSummary" and table names like "spread://Table1".
  • Automatically create hyperlinks to cell locations by typing the link target into cells.
  • Use Ctrl+K to invoke the new built-in Edit Hyperlink dialog to modify the link target, text to display, and screen tip text.
  • Use the HYPERLINK function to create a hyperlink in the cell and specify the text to display. These links can now target cell locations, named ranges, and table names, as well as email addresses, web site, and file links.

LET Function and Formula Performance Optimizations

  • Added new LET function - allows you define local names inside a formula, then use those names to calculate an expression.
  • Optimized calculations by eliminating redundant recalculation of intermediate values that can instead be calculated just once and reused in the calculation.

The Show Formulas Command

  • The new Show Formulas command works similar to Microsoft Excel: press Ctrl+` to toggle the Show Formulas mode.

Edit Points to Create Custom Shapes

  • The new Edit Points command enables users to customize the points and segments of the shape.

Enhanced Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Introduces a new simple property for enabling Microsoft Excel compatible keyboard shortcuts in the spreadsheet for the end-user.

Multiple Sheet Select

  • Added new built-in support for Selecting Multiple Worksheets using Ctrl + Click on the worksheet tab.
Cell Data Types for .NET Objects


提供跟 Excel 類似的試算表的體驗。

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