Five Stars

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Our client had been manually creating a reporting presentation for its users using data captured within our application. We wanted to take the brunt of the process and automatically generate this presentation for them. They were using a mixture of Microsoft products (PowerPoint and Excel) to create their presentation by hand. We wanted to keep their final product as similar to the original as possible. In the process of researching what technology we could use for an automatic PowerPoint creation using Java we found that Aspose Slides for Java was the best product we could find to get the job done while freeing up our clients’ time to do more of their day to day tasks, instead of spending tedious time manually inputting numbers into tables.

Aspose Slides for Java kept a very intuitive structure for our PowerPoint presentation, making it easy to take the PowerPoint from a proof of concept to a finished product (presentation/automatically generated table). We were able to easily create needed shapes, tables, graphs and charts dynamically on the fly, which was a huge advantage to our client’s needs. The use of templates makes the final product look like a well thought out presentation and can be done by our clients quickly and simply. Aspose Slides also has an extensive library of things it can do. Adding, editing and removing slides while being able to manipulate all content, charts, and shapes dynamically was a huge advantage. Our client needed to present very large tables of data. We wanted to create these tables dynamically on each page. For each one of these tables we were able to dynamically create it using basic Java functions and methods along with the given Aspose Slides methods to determine if the data was able to fit on the current page or if a new page was needed. Upon completing a table, merging and coloring rows and cells was a simple process made possible by the Aspose Slides library. We are excited to learn what other capabilities that this product has to offer and will be purchasing this product for our current and future projects.